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Learn to meditate and be more mindful with the award-winning Stop Breathe Think, formerly known as MyLife Meditation. Stop Breathe Think is a meditation and mindfulness app that offers daily wellness check-ins and suggests activities personalized to how you feel. Learn to maintain perspective through your mental and physical wellness journey. Develop simple habits so you can get to a better place in just a few minutes a day. Meditation and mindfulness exercises will lead you on a path to “wind-down” with us and help you relieve st...
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ThinkCam is a video service provided by Think Protection. Incredibly easy to install and incredibly user friendly, ThinkCam is the latest technological innovation from Think Protection. ThinkCam gives users full high definition video both indoors and outdoors, along with the ability to pan and tilt 355 degrees. ThinkCam is controlled through the users smartphone or tablet through a free to download app. Each ThinkCam system has day/night capabilities and built in two-way voice. ThinkCam by Think Protection is available throughout...
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Watch Me Think (watchmethink.com) is a free, proven and trusted way for anyone to earn a bit of extra money just for telling big name brands what they think on video, fly-on-the-wall style. All you need is your iOS device and a PayPal account to start earning! This app helps make the process of capturing and uploading those thoughts on film an easier and simpler process. It does this by allowing you to: - Log in to your Watch Me Think account - Choose if you want to answer a Brief - Record a new video on your iOS device (or choos...
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Think Protection Cameras gives users the ability to see what’s happening outside or inside their homes through their Think Protection video camera. Our easy to use cameras are completely wireless and record in 1080p HD in all weather conditions. Think Protection customers can watch live video streaming as well as access archived video clips through their smartphone or tablet. Get incredible peace of mind with Think Protection Cameras - provided by the most trusted name in home security – Think Protection
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All the fun of racing without flooring the gas pedal! At the end of the race it isn't the fastest driver who tops the high-score list - it's the one who looks and thinks ahead. You start with a preset amount of fuel that you have to draw out as long as possible through skillful acceleration and braking. Quiz questions between the stages to be completed in the Polo or Polo BlueMotion show you how it works: Every correct answer is rewarded with a fuel bonus. You also have the option of experiencing the circuit in the new Passat or Pa...
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************************************************ あなたの脳構造を Facebookで送って見てください (脳構造/マインドメブ Facebookで送信機能追加) ************************************************ あなたは今何を考えていますか? 絡みに絡んだ頭の中を整理したいなら 大事なことの前に効率的な作戦を立てたいなら これからの計画を体系的に作成したいなら 周りの人たちとの関係図を作ってみたいなら、 レッツ・トライ、Think Tree! かわいいThink Treeのキャラクターに整理したあなたの考えを 写真に保存して携帯電話やPCに転送できます。 もちろん、ミクシィのアルバ...
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****ジアタマに効く新感覚ゲーム**** 『思考力トレーニング × 協力バトル』! 君の「思考センス」でモンスターに挑め! ▼概要 《シンクシンクモンスターズ | Think!Think! Monsters》 150カ国50万人が熱中する知育アプリ「Think!Think!」を手掛けるパイオニアによる初のゲームタイトル! 空間認知能力や問題解決能力など、『思考センス』を鍛える良質な問題を圧倒的なボリュームで収録するThink!Think!。 その問題クオリティーはそのままに、子どもも大人も楽しめるゲームとして生まれ変わりました! ▼特長 ◆思考センスが問われる難問でジアタマを鍛えろ! Think!Think!の...
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-------------------------------------- 世界150ヶ国で愛される「シンクシンク」のスクール版が登場! 100種15,000問以上の楽しいパズルや図形で、思考センスが身につく! --------------------------------------- *本アプリは、契約法人専用アプリです。 *ご利用には、ユーザーIDとパスワードが必要です。 ◆”Think!Think! School Edition”とは? より多くの子ども達にシンクシンクを届けるため、学校や学習塾(スクール)向けに開発したものです。本アプリでは、全ての問題・ステージに回数無制限で挑戦でき、集団授業の中でもご利用いただきやすい形としています。 アプ...
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Think Ink 1.2 is a free iPhone application that puts powerful design and color theory tools in the palm of your hand. Think Ink lets you: - Create palettes based on colors captured in your photos, your creation of CMYK or RBG values, or Neenah paper colors. - Instantly find and order Neenah Paper samples that coordinate with your palettes: o CLASSIC CREST® Papers o CLASSIC® Linen Papers o ENVIRONMENT® Papers - Create custom color palettes based on the Dewey Color System®, the world’s only validated, color-based personalit...
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Think Timerは時間管理アプリケーションです。 いつでもどこでもあなたの作業時間をスマートに計測します。 仕事をする上で作業時間の見積もりは重要です。 見積もり誤っては、物事は計画通りには進まず、周囲に迷惑をかけるばかりか、自分の貴重な時間まで失いかねません。 多くの場合、作業時間の見積もりは、楽観的になりがちです。 2時間と見込んでいたものが、3時間かかってしまうこともよくあります。 しかし、何にどれだけの時間がかかるのかを正しく測定することで、作業見積もりの精度をあげることができます。 Think Timerは、タスクの登録、タスクの時間計測、...
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