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Merged Reality and Virtual Interaction — digitally merge two real-time views, blending local and remote collaborative video streams to give or receive interactive help anywhere. Instantly. Help Lightning offers the most practical and useful application of Augmented Reality available in the App Store. Help Lightning delivers patented, merged reality, and virtual interactive presence technologies for users needing help solving problems currently across 50 countries. Mobile merged reality and virtual interaction allows digital mergin...
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NOTE: This app requires an existing Lightning Bolt account. Lightning Bolt Solutions is the leading provider of medical staff scheduling software and solutions. Lightning Bolt is used by thousands of physicians across a variety of specialties and practices including Radiology, Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Hospitalist Medicine, Emergency Response, and multi-disciplinary clinics and hospitals. FEATURES: -View up to one month of group and individual schedules -Conveniently trade shifts with your colleagues -View and submit extended n...
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Lightning Link カジノの電撃的オンラインスロット体験で激烈チャージ!Aristocrat のエキサイティングな新しいスロットゲームが登場! 人気スロット Heart of Vegas や Cashman Casino ゲームのクリエイターがスマホで本格カジノを楽しめる新しい無料スロットゲーム体験をお届けします。毎日飽きない日替わりのミッションに今すぐチャレンジ!ライトニング(Lightning=稲妻)ポイントを貯めて豪華な賞品を手に入れよう!アップグレード可能なライトニングボーナスで3時間ごとに無料コインがもらえます! こちらは成人(18歳以上)のプレイヤーを対象としたゲームで、ギャンブ...
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Thunder & Lightning has (barely) one practical purpose: to measure your distance to a sound source. It works for thunder and lightning, fireworks, rocket launches, or other loud events visible from a (hopefully safe) distance away. Just press the Lightning button when you see the event, and Thunder when you hear it. Modern technology does the rest. To perform this trivial task even more accurately, you can enter the temperature of your surroundings to more precisely calculate the speed of sound. You can also choose between U....
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Lightning Talk Timer is a (not-so-easy-to-use) countdown timer mainly for "lightning talk" type short presentations. This app displays numbers in very large text on your iOS device so everyone around you can see the time remaining. It also supports count-up after counting down to 0. # Please visit http://lightningtalktimer.com for instructions--it won't take much time at all. Otherwise this app may be useless to you.
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これがライトニング・マックイーン アルティメット・ライトニング・マックィーンは、楽しいキャラクターを持った一流レーサーです。いろいろな表情を見せる目、生きてるみたいに自然に動く口、そして感性に響くサスペンションの新しいマックイーンを体験してください。 ピストン・カップで7回も優勝したUltimate Lightning McQueenは生まれながらのレーサーです。アプリに接続してアクセルを踏み込むと、ディスプレイ上にマックイーンのキャラクターが現れてエモーティブなアクションとスピーチでコマンドに応答します。ヘアピン・カーブでのプロ級のドリフに注目してください...
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このゲームは、「短期記憶 Dot Line」の続編です。 全米2位を記録し、3百万回以上ダウンロードされた。 "それは非常に中毒性の短期記憶ゲームです。" あなたはよく覚えていますか? 今すぐ「短期記憶 Dot Line Lightning」に挑戦してください! ● 特徴 - クラシック,逆,パニックモード   - 様々なパターンとマトリックス   - コンボシステム   - 続いてする、時間、ヒントアイテム   - GameCenterランキング   - GameCenter目標達成 ● 要件   - iOS8.0またはそれ以降のバージョン ● サポートE-MAIL:support@sharpapp.com
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Tweet Lightning is a micro Twitter application. It does one thing, and one thing only: it allows you to post to your twitter stream with the minimum of fuss, and the minimum of data traffic. ** note: this application is not available in the US AppStore, due to potential patent issues. ** Tweet Lightning is designed for situations where you have minimal bandwidth, maybe at a conference or when you are out of 3G coverage - or where data traffic is very expensive, eg when roaming. It gives you a better chance of getting your message...
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::: What is ? ::: • Lightning Art is a highly complex, kinetic, and interactive visualizer yet it is also an amazingly beautiful work of art. • Lightning Art is designed to help people who want to think more creatively or who need a change of pace. • Lightning Art is an excellent game/toy/party entertainment/interior design element for anyone who loves fireworks, whirlwinds, firefly lights, aurora, rainbow, wave, mobius strip, heart or atomic symbol. • Lightning Art has additional features that will remind you of the features abo...
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The "Lightning Dialer" changes the dialing interface of the iPhone to simulate a lightning storm - complete with lightning bolt key presses and animated background! Access Lane's Dialer Applications for the iPhone customize the dialing experience on the iPhone with unique graphics, animations, dialing layouts, and sequences.
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