The Curve: Grade Curving Helper for Teachers

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開発者Clinton H Weir
リリース日2010-06-08 08:20:23
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互換性iOS 3.1.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Every teacher has been there. You gave an exam and the grades are simply… inadequate. Most of the grades are simply awful, and if you do a traditional curve your one or two brilliant students will get As while everyone else gets an F. What is a teacher to do?

Enter my curving method. With this method, you can adjust your grade distribution to conform to not just ONE metric (the average) but TWO. For example, you can adjust the grades in a uniform way such that the average and standard deviation are set (for example, 75 and 15 respectively). Or the maximum and minimum grade. There are six different curving methods available, in all.

My app is the one tool for all your grade curving needs. Your test need not even start with a certain number of points possible! Suppose you have a T/F test with 20 questions worth one point each, and you want to curve it so the maximum grade is 100 and the average is 75. Done. Suppose you want to make sure no one fails (set the minimum to 60) and you don't want the grades to all clump together (set the to 15). Done! And so on. It's like a Swiss army knife for curving grades!

Some customers were displeased that, in the iPhone version, the "curved" grade replaced the "raw" grade on the screen, such that if you had not kept track of which scores were placed into which blanks, you would not know whose score should be curved to what. In this update, after inputting scores and pressing "done", a new window is displayed with both the raw and adjusted scores.

We have also added a link to our Log[iCL] Games page on Facebook.
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