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Merged Reality and Virtual Interaction — digitally merge two real-time views, blending local and remote collaborative video streams to give or receive interactive help anywhere. Instantly. Help Lightning offers the most practical and useful application of Augmented Reality available in the App Store. Help Lightning delivers patented, merged reality, and virtual interactive presence technologies for users needing help solving problems currently across 50 countries. Mobile merged reality and virtual interaction allows digital mergin...
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あなたは欲しい物のリクエストを出すと、ヘルパーはすぐ手伝います。 買い物はもっと安く、安心出来ます。 これからはもうネット商店で買い物の時、商品は当地の住所へしか配達 しない事、買いたい物はネットで探せない事、商品は売る現地で購入するか とうかの事、全部心配することはありません。 Help Me Buyは新しい社交上のコンシェルジュです。 世界中のヘルパーが 集まっています。「クイック ウオン」ボタンを押すだけ、ネット商店で、 探す必要はありません。 世界中のヘルパーはあなたの買物気持ちを満足 させます。 これから買物はあなたが主導します。 ヘルパ...
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Help Scout's iOS app gives you powerful customer support software in your pocket so you can quickly assist customers from wherever you are. Keep your finger (literally) on the pulse of what's happening with your customers, collaborate remotely, and put the life back into work-life balance — all without compromising your customers’ experience. Build stronger customer relationships through fast, personalized email support — simply log in and get to work! With the Help Scout app, you’ll be able to: • Navigate to any Help Scout mailbo...
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Got Help wants to give you a helping hand with your everyday tasks! Hire local contractors with just a touch of a button! Contractors are available in real time and can start working right now! Get help from Handymen, Plumbers, Cleaners, Tech Helpers, Errand Runners, Electricians, Heating and Cooling specialists, Construction workers, Landscapers, Gardeners, Babysitters, and many more! We’ve Got Help for you! Looking for ways to make extra cash that are flexible with your schedule? Sign up to become a Got Help Contractor...
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elf help is a daily planner, shopping list, reminder, and photo sharing tool that gives parents and their children the gift of the most magical season yet from the wildly popular Christmas elf. There are so many fun and creative elf ideas to be found online. This app is the answer to simplifying and organizing your favorite elf ideas into one place. Designed by parents for parents, your own personal elf help calendar allows you to upload photos and/or descriptions of your favorite elf ideas and to enter necessary supplies that are ...
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Less time on homework means more time for YOU! Brainly is the perfect homework helper for students of all ages. If you have questions related to school, there are over 350 million students and experts ready to answer. Find correct, expert-verified solutions instantly. Every task is explained in detail, so you can understand the concepts & improve your grades. Need instant homework help? Brainly has a range of features to make learning fast, easy and fun. • Snap a pic of your math equation or word problem to get instant answers...
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Help Out は単純ですがびっくりするほど止まらなくなる無料のパズル・ゲームです。ゲームのゴールは自分の行く手から他のブロックを外へスライドさせて自分のブロックをボードから取り出すことです。簡単だと思いませんか。今すぐ試してみて下さい。 異なるレベルを完成するとポイントを獲得して新しい、驚かせるようなスキンとボーナスをアンブロックして成果とボーナスを蓄積できます。 Help Out の素晴らしい特徴はカスタマイズ機能です。お好みのスキンを選択し、ゲーム体験を自分風にすることで、各ゲームの外観をカスタマイズすることが出来ます。 今日から好みのスキン...
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The iPracticeLite app is a FREE multimedia learning tool that complements your guitar practice. This application is designed to engage players with audio and visuals that guide them through practice sessions focused on specific, fundamental skills. Just pick up your guitar, watch the screen and: * Play along to the beat as the on-screen animated tablature shows you the correct finger positioning for different scales, chords and articulations. * Hear both the beat and the backing chords that accompany the piece of music you’re wor...
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Attention students! CameraMath solves all your math problems. Yes, by all we mean word problems too. Simply take a photo of the question and CameraMath will automatically find the best solution to it. CameraMath is an essential learning and problem-solving tool for students! Just snap a picture of the question of the homework and CameraMath will show you the step-by-step solution with detailed explanations. CameraMath covers all levels of math including Arithmetic, Algebras, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and more. 【Fea...
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「これほどスマートなパズルゲームは長いこと見ていない」 - Touch Arcade (星4.5/5) 「よく出来ていて親しみやすく、単純に楽しいゲーム」 - appadvice.com (5/5) 「Help Me Flyは、非常に良く出来たシステムとビジュアルで多くを提供するゲームだ」 - 148apps.com (4/5) 60以上の国でAppleの「ベストニューゲーム」として紹介! Propellor Joeの飛行機がまたまた電源切れに!90もの頭を刺激するレベルで彼をジャンプスタートさせられるのはあなただけ。 • ピースをボード上で配置、回転させてJoeの飛行機とバッテリーをつなげよう • 美しくシンプルなグラフィック • ゲーム...
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