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PCゲームや家庭用ゲーム機で 全世界1000万人以上がプレイした 『ARK: Survival Evolved』をスマートフォンで完全再現! 数々の恐竜や古代生物が生息する島を舞台にした 極限のサバイバルアクションゲームがここに誕生! あなたはこの島で生き抜く事ができるか・・・? ◆ARK: Survival Evolvedとは 広大なオープンワールドの世界には お馴染みの恐竜や個性豊かな古代生物が生息。 狩りや捕獲した生物を手懐けることができる 「テイム」を行い強力な助っ人として飼育することが可能。 その他、生き抜くために木を伐採し家を建造したり 採掘や採集を行って武器や道具、衣服や食...
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Welcome to the brand new RULES OF SURVIVAL arena, where the deathmatch has now been raised to a thrilling epic scale! This is a Battle Royale game now played by over 100 million people worldwide. May we present you with a fully upgraded new 8x8 km map that allows 300 players to battle on a wide variety of terrains. Only one will survive! Beware, your safe zone is shrinking! So collect scattered weapons, arm yourself to the teeth, and wield your tactics like no other. Alert !!! It is not just any survival game. You will re-writ...
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どう言った理由でこの無人島にたどり着いたかはプレイヤーは覚えておらず,この島からは逃れない事が唯一の事実。この森で生き延びるのは容易ではありませんが,まずしなければいけないのは,食べ物を調達し,簡単な道具を作り,住処を作る事。この全てが手に負えるかは,あなた次第。サバイバル技術を実践で確かめましょう! ゲームの特徴 * 自分の手で家を一から建設 * あらゆる技能を養い,数百ものレシピを研究 * 島に住む動物を知ろう * サンドボックス型の島でのサバイバルシミュレーター サバイバルのコツ * 森の木を切り倒そう。木材は道具の作成に必要になります * ...
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Elevate your ARK: Survival Evolved game with the Dododex taming calculator and companion app used by over 5 million ARK players. Dododex provides a comprehensive and frequently-updated guide for every creature in ARK: Survival Evolved, including taming calculations, kibble and saddle recipes, stats, timers, knock-out information for any weapon, as well as original tips and crowdsourced data from thousands of ARK players. FEATURES - Taming calculator and guide for every dinosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved - Player tips on taming, ba...
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► RACE FOR SURVIVAL Control a man made out of pixel blocks as he races through challenging obstacle courses in this fun and fast-paced running game. Watch out: as Pixel Boy bumps into obstacles, he’ll lose pixels! Run and jump over the hurdles to ensure his survival, and reach the finish line in one piece to score a PERFECT RUN! Collect pixels and stars as you maneuver past all sorts of barriers to restore Pixel Boy’s lost body parts and level up. But be careful! If you knock into too many barriers, you’ll lose all your pixels a...
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Tamed is a new action adventure survival game by Wildfoot. You are a female warrior princess, destined for greatness. Played from a third-person perspective, Tamed : Arctic Survival takes you on the ultimate adventure though the vast arctic landscape. Your goals are to : 1) Find a Weapon 2) Build a Shelter 3) Find a suitable mate 4 ) Tame and ride a wild Wolf 5) Tame a wild Sabertooth 6 ) Tame and Ride a flying Dragon! 7) Craft Magic 8) Defeat the Bosses and Ultimate ending How will it end? Its entirely up to you. Enjoy!
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"生き延びるために走らなければなりません!F84 GamesによるSurvival Run with Bear Gryllsでは、世界で最も容赦のないグリズリーベアーから逃げて生き延びなければなりません。様々な環境を通りながらコインやゴールデングラブを獲得し、勇気を試されます。Survival Runでは、いつも危険が待ち構えています! 特徴: * エキサイティングなゲープレーとシンプルなコントロール * 皆の大好きな冒険家・サバイバルエキスパートのBear Gryllsとしてプレーしよう。 * 面白いBear Gryllsのキャラクターを解除しよう。 * ベースジャンピング、レスキューヘリ、パワーパラグライダーな...
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Discover T-Rex, Raptor, Spinosaurus & over 10 types of dinosaurs in 3D jurassic maps with Google Cardboard & other headsets. Enjoy the best VR games for you and your kids to experience the survival of the monster species in three different craft maps including island, jungle with day and night. This VR app includes three Dino Maps: + Jurassic Era + T.Rex Survival + Twilight of Dino 12 types of dinosaurs in different groups : + Armored Dinosaurs: Ankylosaurus and Stegosaurus. + Sauropod Dinosaurs: Brachiosaurus. + Theropod Dinos...
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Enjoy the second part of the famous city bird survival simulator! Live the life of real pigeon - search for food, fight against city predators – like cats and dogs – with Pigeon Bird Survival Simulator 3D – 2! Explore the sky above the city streets and blocks, avoid being a prey and survive at all costs! Fight against other pigeons or recruit them to your flock! Enjoy being a city bird – search for food, fight against city predators, meet other wild pigeons to join your dovecote, build nests, raise up doweling and fly over the city...
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“One glorious ship set to sail to the New World, one great opportunity to start my life anew and one horrible shipwreck that ruined not just my day AND my mood, but also the very vessel we were traveling on… Gotta tell ya, from the very beginning this whole sailing across the ocean adventure smelled “fishy” to me… Get it? Well, at least my astonishing sense of humor is still intact. And I do have this luxurious five-star raggedy raft to keep me afloat. Seems like the day can still pick up! I see some wreckage nearby, gotta get to i...
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