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Please note: this is a companion to Sketch for Mac, and requires it to function. Sketch Mirror lets you preview your Sketch designs on your iOS devices. After connecting to it from your Mac, you can swipe on your device to navigate between Pages and Artboards. Sketch Mirror scales your designs up or down intelligently to fit the screen resolution of your iOS device, and also lets you zoom manually to inspect individual pixels. You can run Sketch Mirror on any number of iOS devices and connect as many of them as you want to one...
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This application was designed to make 3D sketching as natural and accessible as 2D sketch. Whether you've never worked with 3D before or you're an experienced designer, Gravity Sketch features a simple set of powerful tools to help you go from loose free-form sketches to detailed expressive art and designs. Sketching directly in 3D allows you to maintain your design intent throughout the creative process, from loose inspiration sketches to rough 3D models, express your ideas in 3D from the moment inspiration strikes! Capture your ...
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Mirror your Sketch designs as you edit on your Mac, view documents on the go, and test your prototypes on a real device. We’ve rebuilt our Mirror app from the ground up to offer a more flexible, reliable and feature-rich experience with Sketch. With Sketch on your iPhone or iPad, you can: → Sign in to every Workspace you’re a part of (with SSO and 2FA support) → Browse projects and explore documents — anywhere, anytime → Play prototypes and test out ideas on a real device → Mirror the document you’re currently editing on your...
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DO YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR OWN GAMES? Sketch Nation Create is a game-creation platform that lets you create online games with enormous flexibility, imagination, detail and fun – and share these games with friends and the Sketch Nation community! With you own artwork, photos and sounds, you can design all the characters, obstacles, challenges, stories and levels for your games, bringing your ideas to the screen entirely through your own creativity, cleverness and skill. And now you can even make true multiplayer games for real-tim...
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Do away with using overly complicated software to create a stage plot or resorting to drawing on a bar napkin. Napkin Sketch, the app, is your answer! To create a sketch, simply pick your stage size, drag and drop elements onto the sketch and when you're done, either e-mail or save the sketch right to your camera roll! Want to come back to a sketch? File it away and you can always edit it later. So easy… a musician can do it! (Ok, we're kidding about the musician part, but seriously this app is easy to use!) Ok, so what's the diff...
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外出の多いアーティストでも、Adobe Sketch があれば、ひらめいたその場で自由にアイデアをカタチにできます。Photoshop の強力なブラシエンジンを活用し、そのパワーをお使いの iPhone と iPad でもご利用いただけます。本物のようなペン、鉛筆および水彩画には、ブラシマスター Kyle T. Webster の好みも反映されています。カンバスサイズは、印刷用にも使用できる 8k まで設定可能です。アートをさらに作り込みたい場合は、Creative Cloud アカウントを使用して、1 タップで Adobe Photoshop CC または Adobe Illustrator CC にレイヤー付きのファイルを送信できます。デジタ...
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累計600万ユーザーを突破! 日々の創作活動をもっと楽しくする、お絵かき&コミュニケーションアプリ! いつでも気軽にお絵かきできるドロー機能、簡単にお絵かき配信&視聴できるライブ機能、700万枚以上のイラストが投稿されるコミュニティなど、多彩な機能であなたのお絵かきを楽しくします! 【pixiv Sketchについて】 pixiv Sketchは、ピクシブが提供するお絵かきコミュニケーションアプリです。 ・紙に鉛筆でスケッチするように、思い通りに仕上がる描き味のドロー機能 ・AIによる自動着色機能など、最新の技術でお絵かきをサポート ・スマホやタブレット1つで簡単にお...
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My Sketchは、1千万人以上もの素晴らしいユーザに支持されているベストスケッチメーカーです! 新iOS8機能 ========================================= PhotoKITはあなたが直接フォトアルバムからのスケッチやカメラロールを作成することができます マニュアルカメラコントロールを用いた露光、フォーカス、温度を調整する機能 カスタマーレビュー ========================================= App Storeで他を抜くベストスケッチメーカー このアプリには驚き! 文句なしに価値あり!! すごいアプリ、必需品! 達成項目 ========================================= Apple...
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SketchGuru:Cartoon Photo Editorは、写真の鉛筆スケッチを作成してアーティストにするためのプロフェッショナルなアプリです。 ギャラリーから写真を選択してスケッチを生成します。 Gouache、PencilSketch、ColorPencil、WaterColor、HalfTone、SimpleSketch、ComicB&W、BlackBoard、BlackBoardColor、Print、B&W、PencilSketch2、スケッチなしなど、13種類のすばらしい効果を備えた白黒スケッチとカラースケッチの両方をサポートしています。 SketchGuruは、AppleStoreで見つけることができる最高のスケッチアプリです。 さあ、素晴らしい絵を作りましょう。 特徴: *...
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Sketch Tree is a professional drawing software in mobile phone, it focuses on realistic painting, and integrates ps, image editor, picture beauty. We offer more than 20 kinds of ultra-realistic drawing tools, like pencil, Chinese brush, pen, ball pen, marker pen, watercolor pen, acrylic, colorful mud, chalk, spray, smudge, ruler, compasses, eraser, magic eraser, layers and stickers. Additionally, you can import picture in layer, then combine with eraser, ruler, compasses and any other tools, editing and drawing something on it, and...
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