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[ 仕事効率化 ]
There are things you have to do frequently. So you want to do sports at least every 3 days and you want to go to the hairdresser every 4 weeks, for example. You also want to give yourself a treat and so you want to dine out with your sweetie every 2 weeks and have a massage every 1 or 2 month. Equally you have to do the laundry at least once a weak, vacuum every 4 days and take out the trash routinely. That's quite a lot to remember, right? Because of that we have developed redo to remind you for those ordinary things. And the be...
[ ビジネス ]
このメモ帳は、シンプルで使いやすく安定した動作をするよう設計された無料のメモ帳アプリです。簡単にテキストのメモを作成&編集することが出来ます。フォルダに分けてメモを管理することもできます。また、iOS標準のバックアップと復元に対応しているので端末の故障や機種変更の際にメモ帳のデータ移行も簡単です。 【このメモ帳アプリの特徴】 ・簡単にテキストメモを作成&編集 ・フォルダ分けしてメモを管理 ・メモを自動的に保存 ・Undo&Redo(元に戻す&やり直す) ・メモの共有(SNSに投稿・メールで送る) ・iOS標準バックアップ対応で故障時も安心 ・機種変更時の...
[ 写真/ビデオ ]
With Photo Bur, quickly blur your pictures with just the touch of your finger! Features : ■ Custom blur intensity & size ■ Zoom & pan to work in detail ■ Sharing: Photo Blur allows you to share your artwork via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via Email. ■ Undo and redo: Photo Blur also supports undo and redo Subscription options include: - Photoblur weekly subscription (paid weekly) for $4.99 / month - Photoblur monthly subscription (paid monthly) for $8.99 / month - Photoblur yearly subscription (paid yearly) for $69.99 / ...
[ 仕事効率化 ]
Drawings is a cool doodling app that allows you to draw, sketch, doodle while you are traveling or just relaxing a home! **Kids Doodle** (NEW) - Creative Kids Doodle brings to life your unique designing experience - 10+ unique canvas backgrounds that you can change while drawing. - You can record your drawing on canvas as a video and share it with your friends - Beautiful preset color palettes: choose one that fits best and fill a picture with colors from soft and muted to bold and lively - Apple Pencil support: enjoy an eas...
[ ビジネス ]
「まどりっち」は手書き感覚でラフな住宅間取り図を作成できるアプリです。 紙とペンに代わり、Apple PencilでiPadの画面に書き込むようにしてラフ図を作成します。 各種スタイラスや指でのタッチでもご利用いただけます。 アプリの機能 壁(部屋): ・グリッドに沿って書き込んだ位置に壁が配置されます。 ・壁で囲まれた領域が部屋になります。 ・設定「水平/垂直に配置」がオンのときは水平・垂直な壁のみが配置されます。 表示範囲の拡大縮小・移動: ・図面上でピンチ・2本指ダブルタップ、2本指ドラッグすると表示範囲の拡大縮小・移動ができます。 ・設定「Apple ...
[ ミュージック ]
NanoStudio は iPhone, iPad と iPod Touch 対応の音楽作成スタジオです。4つの仮想アナログシンセ、16サンプルトリガーパッド、多機能シーケンサー、サンプルエディター、ミキサーと10種のエフェクトユニットの全てがアプリケーションに含まれています。 アイデアをリアルタイムで記録、サンプル波形を使用してシンセを構成、パワフルなシーケンサで作曲&アレンジ、リバーブ、ディレイ、EQ、といったエフェクトでミックスを実現、オーディオミックスダウンでは SoundCloud へダイレクトにトラックを公開可能。また Midi エクスポート機能ではアイデアを PCベースの DAW に送る...
[ ソーシャルネットワーキング ]
行動版 PTT 最有設計感的 App! 新世代的 PTT 瀏覽器 簡約中帶點從容的介面設計,最體貼的獨家功能讓你愛不釋手, 帳號切換功能讓你換個 ID 繼續推一樣的話給鄉民看,完整的看板資訊顯示絕不遺漏, 高度自訂個人化調整,盡情更換背景顏色、文字顏色、按鈕顏色與排列享受無與倫比的自由, ANSI/MOBI 模式隨意切換不須重新載入文章,讓你輕鬆看鄉民的藝術不用愁, 最安全的 SSH/WSS 通訊技術,最隱密的加密技術,讓你的隱私資訊不亂走。 看在我押韻的份上,下載來試用看看嘛~ 訪客模式新登場!!免登入即可瀏覽 PTT 歡迎到粉絲專頁提供建議與問題回報喔! https://bit.ly/2ssdxW5...
[ エンターテインメント ]
The most advanced simulation of real paint on iOS! Get creative on a digital canvas with smearing, blending oils, delicate watercolor, and much more! Ever wanted to try painting your masterpiece but were put off by the mess and expense? Now you can! ArtRage isn't just about color: It knows how much paint you've used so you can smear it around to spread it over the canvas. It knows how wet your paint is so you can blend it with other paints. It even knows about the roughness of your paper so your pencils can be used for soft shadin...
[ ユーティリティ ]
PCalc is the powerful choice for scientists, engineers, students, programmers, or indeed anybody looking for a feature rich calculator. It includes an optional RPN mode and multi-line display, a choice of button layouts, an extensive set of unit conversions and constants, a paper tape, multiple undo and redo, engineering and scientific notation, as well as support for hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations.PCalc Lite is a fully functional and free taste of our very popular scientific calculator. It includes an optional RPN mod...
[ 写真/ビデオ ]
Phoenix is a powerful and fast photo editor with a lot of editing tools, importing and sharing options. With Phoenix you will have all the freedom to customize your photos with pretty filters, effects, borders and fonts. - it saves your current progress, you can continue in any time - undo/redo feature - supports high resolution output (up to 3000x3000) - share your project to socials directly, send via mail or print it - preserves EXIF data while editing - you can add, edit or delete geolocation Tools: - Enhance - Photo Filter...
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