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Állíts be emlékeztetőket a hangod segítségével !!! Az emlékeztető a naptáradban is látszódni fog. Ilyeneket modhatsz: december 1 16 óra 40 perc mozi április 1 bolondok napja holnap este vendéglő holnapután 16 óra edzés 5 nap múlva reggel vásárlás 3 hét múlva születésnap 15 perc múlva sütő 1 óra múlva mosógép szombat este focimeccs 19 óra 30 perc híradó - ha nem adod meg a napot, akkor a mai napra fog vonatkozni - ha nem adod meg az időt, akkor az időpont az 12 óra lesz - a reggel az 8 óra - a délelőtt az 10 óra - a délben az 12...
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From the developer of 'Read by QxMD', 'The ECG Guide' and 'Pedi STAT' comes 'Calculate', a next-generation clinical calculator and decision support tool, freely available to the medical community. "We recommend medical users try the free Calculate by QxMD first..." -from iMedicalApps review "The best free Medical Calculator apps for the iPhone" 'Calculate' highlights tools which impact clinical practice either by simplifying diagnosis, clarifying treatment options or displaying prognosis. Helping you make decisions, not just cal...
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MediMath puts 144 of the most important medical calculators and scoring tools on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Its fast, native interface and comprehensive results help you spend less time crunching numbers and more time caring for patients. What makes MediMath the best? • Streamlining. Enter values and units (US or SI), for each item in each calculator, without tapping through multiple screens and prompts. Tap Next and Previous to go between fields. Multiple-value choices pop over in-place on the iPad. • Calculator selection...
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パーカッションを演奏するアプリケーションです。 パーカッション : ドラム、タンバリンとトライアングル、コンガとマラカス リズムパターン : 各楽器のリズムパターンを選んで、自動演奏する事ができます。 テンポ : リズムパターンのテンポ調整ができます。(値をタッチすると、数値を直接入力できます。テンキーはテンキー以外をタッチすると閉じます。) シェイク : タンバリンとマラカスは、シェイク設定をONにすると、iPhoneを振って音を出すことができます。 リズムパターンを自動演奏しながら、楽器をタッチしたり、振ったりして、演奏できます。 (iPhone自体がサイレ...
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Happiness is just one fish away in this Zen-inspired app. Create a vivid aquarium filled with gorgeous fish in an aquatic setting of your choice. And then enjoy hours of watching fish flow in an endless ballet. Supplied with a library of more than fifty carefully crafted fish and plants; Refined details in the design and behaviour of the fish and flora plus the interactive functions make Aquarium a one of a kind app. Include : Achille Tang, Cardinalis, Clown Fish, Clownfish Tail, Clown Loach, Copperband, Butterflyfish, Band...
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Background time telling app. CLOCK talks in human sentences: spoken US, UK, AUE English, Czech, Hungarian. It also chimes, cuckoos. Each hour or "almost" hour can be set up differenty. The fellow app CLOCK2 talks Chinese, Spanish, Arabic. Tells me: ‘It is almost five o’clock in the afternoon' or ‘It is now five o’clock in the afternoon'. No touch or acknowledgement is necessary. The messages will come from the background. 2 distinct features: 1. Background Clock. Can be run all the time in the background. Almost no measurable...
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Életmentés első kézből, akár az Ön kezéből! Az Elsősegély alkalmazás célja, hogy egyszerre jelentsen edukációs céllal felhasználható elsősegélynyújtási tananyagot, továbbá vészhelyzet esetén is egyszerűen, gyorsan elérhető információs bázist a mentők kiérkezéséig a lakosság számára. Mindenki számára érthető, megtanulható és alkalmazható gyakorlati ismereteket nyújt, és szükség esetén 1-2 perc alatt bárki megtalálja a különböző elsősegélynyújtási helyzetekben szükséges útmutatást. Ne feledje, hogy az alkalmazás használata életet me...
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Almost Time is a talking clock speaking in human voice sentences. e.g. 10 minutes before 8 PM it will tell you: IT IS ALMOST 8 O'CLOCK IN THE EVENING. No more reason to set your watches or clocks run early or fast. This app is just what you've been needing. You just didn't know it. It helps you keep track of your day and keeps you on time. It will tell you the coming time some minutes earlier, --- OUR OTHER APPS: Our Talking CLOCK app now also includes this ALMOST time functionality. Check it out! Our apps speak to you i...
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* The original emergency medicine app, first released in 2011. * Persistently ranked in the top 100 paid medical apps worldwide. Bedside EM is an easy-to-navigate tool containing the various medication lists, algorithms, decision rules, clinical policies and core content most often looked up by emergency care providers during shifts. Also used by urgent care, internal medicine, family medicine, ICU and prehospital providers. Great for teaching too!! An evidence-based and up-to-date app that works on both your iPhone AND iPad (n...
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Napomena: Delovi ove aplikacije namenjeni su korišćenju zdravstvenih radnika i služe kao sredstvo za podršku odlučivanju. Nije namenjena za upotrebu od strane pacijenata i ne može zameniti savet lekara. Mediately Baza Lekova - Celokupna baza podataka o lekovima dostupnim u Srbiji, na mobilnim uređajima. Aplikacija vam omogućuje pregledavanje kroz bazu podataka od više od 4.000 proizvoda sa detaljnim podacima, uključujući: - Osnovni podaci o proizvodu (aktivna supstanca, sastav, proizvođač, način izdavanja, način propisivanja, fa...
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