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Mit der Holiday Home App – Ferienhausbuchung leicht gemacht! Hier findest Du ausgewählte Ferienhäuser, Ferienwohnungen, Mobile Homes und Ferienanlagen in ganz Europa. Wähle aus über 120.000 Angeboten und buche sofort. Du kannst Dir Deine Wunschobjekte auch per Email zusenden und auf unserer Website buchen. Funktionen: - Suche und Buche direkt in der App - Ausführliche Beschreibung und zahlreiche Bilder - geprüfte Bewertungen von anderen Kunden - Merkliste - Angebote per Email versenden - viele Filter für Ausstattungsmerkmale wie ...
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"Looking for special offers? Save time checking in? Why not download the Holiday Inn Golden Mile iPhone application for instant access to hotel information and special offers making your stay with us even more comfortable." Nestled in the very heart of Kowloon's bustling city centre, the Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong Kong is renowned for its shopping arcades, boutiques, restaurants and vibrant nightlife. With fully equipped spacious guest rooms and suites, Executive Club floors, award winning restaurants, a rooftop swimming pool, ...
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■旅行の計画、プランニングに大活躍!旅のしおりやスケジュール管理にも使える旅行アプリの決定版! ■一緒に行く友達と共同編集ができるので、便利に旅行の計画を立てることができます! ■韓国のおすすめカフェなど人気スポットが簡単に見つかる! ■韓国有名テーマパークのチケットやツアーが最安値で予約可能! ■日本国内約1万のエリアに対応!国内最大級のおでかけプラン情報を掲載! ■ユーザーの生の声が満載のおでかけエリアガイドブック! ■雑誌やメディアに多数掲載!デートや旅行にぴったりの今話題のおでかけガイドブックアプリ! [掲載実績]CLASSY、anan、日経W...
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オム・ノムは最も楽しいお祭りをお祝いしたがっています! Holiday Giftは*卓越した物理的要素、*悪魔みたいにトリッキーなレベル設定、*にぎやかな冬の雰囲気が伝わってくる*とてもカラフルなビジュアルを*お楽しみいただけます。 スワイプしてロープを切って、*Om Nomに*キャンディーを*食べさせて*あげましょう。 プレイ中に*スターを集めるのを*忘れないで! エクストラ: 写真付きグリーティングカード: Holiday Giftゲームで*自分だけのホリデーグリーティングカードを*作れます! Om Nomと一緒に*ポーズをとって、*家族や友達と*共有しましょう! アプリ内ビデオプ...
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Build a beautiful winter wonderland in the North Pole and save our beloved winter holidays! A fearsome blizzard has covered the North Pole, destroying the holidays for everyone! Join siblings Holly and Tim as they work with a fun cast of Christmas characters to rebuild the North Pole, defeat the cruel Ice Pirates and save all our beloved winter holidays! TONS OF FREE FUN FEATURES: • Build a beautiful village in the North Pole • Fill your village with holiday merchants • Design beautiful Christmas scenes • Craft festive ho...
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Have you ever wanted to decorate your home for the holidays? Come join us as we celebrate the winter season by decorating the house, putting up lights, baking cookies, hanging ornaments, building a snowman and much more in this festive holiday and Christmas simulator. Complete the 12 days of Xmas to make your house the best in the best holiday vacation house on the block, then do it all over again! How To Play: - Play various holiday mini games - Decorate your house and tree - Upgrade your designs - Unlock new festive decor - Hav...
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'Tis the Season! Can you build a 5-star resort and throw the ultimate Secret Santa Party for your pets this holiday season?! Build a holiday-themed hotel where you unlock a new pet with each room you build and put together the best Secret Santa Party ever for your pets! Each pet's Secret Santa present can be found in its room -- can you figure out what they are? Your pets can enjoy many fun winter activities, all created by YOU! ----------------------------------------------- LOTS OF AWESOME FEATURES! - Over 40 different rooms o...
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Keep your balls in the air and your lasers charged, the goal is to smash the lights as quickly as possible. Celebrate the holidays with Holiday Smash! Featured on Gizmodo on Dec 10 in Deals of the Day. "If you only buy one game to help you get your holiday groove on this season, pick Holiday Smash" - iPhone Games Examiner Keri Honea "Nice twist on the regular formula!" -player comments in touchArcade forums "Great game! Thank you very much..." "...I find the game very well balanced with power-ups and laser boosts right now." ...
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Get out your Santa hat, warm up some hot cocoa, and TRANSFORM YOUR SORORITY into a spectacular WINTER WONDERLAND. - Deck the halls with BRAND NEW HOLIDAY DECORATIONS from toy chests and gingerbread houses to nutcrackers and ornaments - DRESS UP for the party in your CUTEST HOLIDAY OUTFIT - Fill your closet with cozy scarves and cute Christmas sweaters after an EPIC WINTER SHOPPING SPREE - RECRUIT the coolest girls on campus to fill you party with HOLIDAY CHEER - Host your very own EPIC WINTER BASH and make it the most memorabl...
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We've all been home for a long time now. Your feet are itchy, you nervously google flights on skyscanner and accommodations on airbnb. You have it. The travel bug. With travel restrictions in place it's not easy to travel for real, but you can still go on a virtual holiday! Enjoy Spain, Hawaii, Bali, Italy and many other exciting places and decorate beautiful homes along the way. As real estate agents and interior designers like to say: location, location, location. That's what successful home design is all about. Home design game...
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