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Become a Here TV SuperSubscriber and receive instant access to exclusive and original programming, the latest video news updates from The Advocate and a vast library of the very best LGBTQ award-winning movies, series and documentaries. Watch acclaimed original movies such as Shelter, Academy Award-winning films like Departures, and Emmy-nominated documentary, 30 Years from Here. Binge on all seasons and episodes of your favorite shows such as Dante's Cove, From Here on OUT and Modd Couples. Enjoy it all on your iPhone and iPa...
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GPS情報を大きな文字と声で、シンプルに見やすく。 GPS情報を確認するためのアプリです。現在地の経緯度、高度、速度、座標の精度、進行方向などを大きな文字で見やすく表示します。各情報は様々な形式、単位に対応しています。 ■座標情報 経緯度(例:35°39'26.38" または 35.56139) UTM形式(例:54N 347539 3845531) 平面直角座標(例:9系 X -48217.6m Y 32536.7m) 経緯度と平面直角座標は座標系をWGS84か日本測地系で選べます。 ■高度、距離 メートル、フィートで選択可能 ■速度 km/h、マイル/h、ノット(海里/h)で選択可能 iPhoneのGPSは山奥でも太平洋の真ん中...
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自分のインテリアデザインHGTVショーを運営するのがどんな感じか知りたいと思ったことはありませんか?最新のホームデザインゲームであるPinterestのインテリアデザインに触発された3Dグラフィックスと創造的な美的デザインを備えた最高のホームデコレーションゲームで、これを実現できます。家具の選択肢は、アシュリーとイケアの家庭用家具と装飾店から来ました。 プロのインテリアデザイナーLucasと不動産の大物Taylorと協力して、インテリアデザインのエキスパートになりましょう。スタイリッシュなパターンを適用した部屋の改装。あなたの家の設計の旅を開始し、あなたの...
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Beacapp Hereアプリとビーコンで、所在地を見える化。 「Beacapp Here」はiPhoneとビーコンを使って、 オリジナルのマップ上で所在地を確認できる法人様向けのクラウドサービスです。短期間で導入可能で、オフィスや作業現場の所在地を見える化することで業務の効率化に貢献しています。 「Beacapp Here」はビーコンを検知するためのアプリ(このアプリ)と、オジリナルマップや利用者を登録するための管理画面(別途法人契約が必要)で構成されています。 [Beacapp Hereアプリの主な機能] 1.現在地表示機能  利用者のiPhoneが検知したビーコンに基づくエリア名を表示 2.リス...
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Grab your audience before they scroll away. Start Here lets you cut to the chase by making it easy to “time-shift” your video posts: Simply load your movie, mark the action, and share. Your video will begin at the best spot when it appears on Instagram or Twitter, and the full video will seamlessly loop when playback repeats. FEATURES: • Video data is preserved when saving for no loss of quality or recompression • Quickly set and preview a new starting point for your video • Built-in trim control for fine-tuning • From Tinrocket...
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Best Navigation App! Here U Go is an easy-to-use, quick, and convenient way to find a local business near you. This is a FREE application, so be sure to check it out! Here U Go quickly identifies your location and lets you choose the nearest Gas Station, Bank, Supermarket, Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Church, Gym, Hospital, Taxi, Hotel, Library, etc... Here U Go can also help you run important errands by showing you the nearest Dry Cleaner, Farmer's Market, Shopping Mall, Department Store, Post Office, UPS, FedEx, Florist, Conveni...
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Here Hear is an app that translates vision into melody. It's a camera app that uses color contrasts and edge detection to recognize shapes around you. Point the camera anywhere to see the visual structure of what you see. The second part is the sound of those shapes. Each generated shape has it's own color, and each corresponds with a note. There are 12 notes related to the 12 colors of the app. On first tap, the image freezes and a timeline starts moving across the image. Every time this timeline hits a shape, you hear a tone....
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I'm Here Tracker! Press to find the location. Generates an alarm for disconnection. * This app works with I'm Here tracker device. [디바이스 판매 관련 URL] 1. Prevents loss of smart phone and valuables - If the smart phone and I'm Here tracker falls apart, an alarm will go off on (Wallet, bag, car keys, etc.). 2. If you lose your valuables, the tracker will locate it - You can view the location of the lost valuables on the map in your smart phone app, I'm Here Smart Tracker. 3. Finding smart phones - When the smart phone is clos...
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"Here, Look" solves two problems: 1. You hand someone your phone to show them a picture, then they start scrolling through the rest of your photos. This is, at best, annoying. 2. You want to show someone 3 or 4 shots out of hundreds. Here, Look lets you pick a few photos, click "Here, Look" and hand your phone over to a friend. They see JUST those photos, and can flip through to their heart's content. When they're done, they hand the phone back, and you triple-tap to return to your albums.
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Meet-In-Here allows conferences and hosts of large meetings to digitize their programs, reducing the need to printing paper to provide an eco-friendlier approach. Meet-in-Here allows attendees to view conference's sessions, presentations and their respective presenters, and important conference information including general annoucenments. Users can personalize their experience by synching presentations of interest to their personal calendars. Ditch the paper programs, save the trees and the environment and LET'S Meet-in-Here !!!
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