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ワンタップで、夢のバケーションへ!Four Seasonsアプリをダウンロードすると、世界各地のホテルやリゾートに簡単にアクセスできます。どこにいても手軽に利用できるサービスです。 Four Seasonsアプリの機能: • フォーシーズンズへのご旅行の計画・管理 - 世界中の目的地からお選びいただけます。 • 新しいプラン機能でアクティビティの予約・追跡もカンタン • プロフィールにご希望の客室タイプを設定 • アプリのチャット画面からホテルに問い合わせが可能 • 併設レストランのメニューやエグゼクティブ・シェフのプロフィールを閲覧 • ご希望に応じて、ルームサービスのご...
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The Four Athletes app is your virtual volleyball coach with a focus on transforming ambitious athletes into the best volleyball players they can be. With new videos added weekly, the Four Athletes app shares proven training techniques, leadership development, and goal setting methods directly from athletes who have played at the highest levels of the game. Improve daily with: PROVEN SKILLS, DRILLS & TECHNIQUES Techniques taught at the Olympic and professional levels broken down into clear, simple videos with accompanying drills to...
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Go behind the scenes where sport and life collide... Download the 20FOUR app to see exclusive content created by athletes, for fans and experience the raw emotion of what life is like as a professional sports star. Follow your favourite athlete's personal journeys between games and in the off-season, directly via the 20FOUR app. Watch original 20FOUR content free and on-demand to get an even deeper insight into your favourite sports including Australian Rules, Rugby League, Football, Cricket, Surfing, Snowboarding and Moto-X. G...
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運命と隠された真実を紐解け! 『あらすじ』 平凡な学生だった「セイ」は、妹とのゲームの途中、突然の光に包まれ気を失う。 目覚めたセイがいたのは地球とは全く違う命が息をする見知らぬ世界、「アルリエ大陸」だった。 種族間の対立が日常化されているアルリエ大陸で 全種族の平和を願う「ゴールデントーア王国」の王女「ルナ」と出会ったセイは 成り行きで王家の聖物「ポルン」からマスターとして認められる。 知性体を敵とみなすダーゴンが急増し、混乱に陥った大陸を安定させて 自分も現代地球に帰る方法を探すためには 突然大陸に現れた塔を訪ねる必要があることに気...
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アリーナ に飛び込んで、世界中のプレイヤーと 1対1の白熱のリアルタイムバトル を繰り広げましょう!カードを集めてチームを強化、攻撃の1つ1つが勝負のカギを握る対人戦ベースの 戦略 ゲームで、個性的なゲーム性と ビリヤードの特性を活かしたシステムを体感しましょう! 1対1のバトルで勝利してトロフィーを獲得、報酬やカードを入手しましょう。戦況を覆す強力なヒーローの能力をアンロックして敵を粉砕することができます。クランに加入すして他のスマッシャーたちと交流したりトップランクを目指してお互いに助け合うのも魅力の1つです。協力してSmashing Fourの世界を制...
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▻Four in a Row is Four in a Row + Point System, Runs, and Online Leaderboards. Discover the next evolution of Four in a Row with amazing graphics, animations, and ease of use. This is a Four in a Row like one you have never experienced before :) ________________________________ To the classic Four in a Row, we added: => A smart point system: Each time a tile is dropped, the point score is increased. The increase is based on the number of tiles intersecting the tile just dropped multiplied by the value of the decreasing multiplier ...
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Catch what all the buzz is about with Mosquito Sounds 1000. Whether it's your brother or sister, mom or dad, the cute guy or girl across the room or the grouchy man next door, Mosquito Sounds 1000 will capture their attention. You have the choice to use this power for good or evil, so choose wisely! A multi-frequency noise generator, Mosquito Sounds 1000 has six different frequency pitches to pester bystanders young and old. Set the frequency to match the complexion of the crowd, or if you find yourself surrounded by a diverse mix...
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Hearing Age - Test your hearing with high frequency sounds! Based on your age, and national statistical averages, you should be able to hear certain frequencies and tones at certain ages. This application tests your hearing by playing those sounds, and displays the age you should be able to hear them. This program might help you determine if you have hearing loss in your ears and if you may need a hearing aid. For educational and informational use only. This application is designed for the iPhone and or iPod Touch which are i...
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DropFour A brilliantly brain challenging version of the classic game... In STANDARD mode enjoy the classic simplicity of this game and battle your opponent to be the first to connect 4 in a row. In DROP ROW mode prepare for a twist! Filling the bottom row makes it disappear from play so you can scupper your opponents attempts to win the game by eliminating their counters. Features: - Choose between STANDARD and DROP ROW game play - In each case you need to connect four in a row - 7 difficulty levels versus iPhone/iPod Touch - ...
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Play the classic board game, Four in a Row! With beautiful unique themes, awesome 3D graphics, and free online play, we're sure you'll agree this is the best Four in a Row Connect game. Don't know how to play? Two players take turns dropping chips into the board. The first player to connect 4 chips in a column, row, or diagonal wins. Use strategy to connect your chips, or block your opponent from connecting theirs. - Play online with friends and family or against a competitive AI with three difficulty levels. - Easy to play and l...
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