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Bank wherever you are with Ever $ Green FCU Mobile for the iPhone and iPad! Available to all Ever $ Green FCU members, Ever $ Green FCU Mobile allows you to check balances, pay bills, and make transfers. Available features include: Accounts - Check your latest account balances and transactions by date, amount, or check number. Recent Activity - 90 days of account transactions are accessible. Transfers - Easily transfer cash between your Bank Accounts (Person to Person and Bank to Bank accounts). Bill Pay - Schedule a...
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Envoyez des baisers tout en couleur via l’application KissForEver by MAKE UP FOR EVER ! Sublimez vos baisers grâce aux rouges à lèvres ultra-pigmentés de MAKE UP FOR EVER, les ROUGE ARTIST. Embrassez votre iPhone…l’empreinte de vos lèvres apparaît comme par magie… Sélectionnez votre teinte ROUGE ARTIST préférée et amusez-vous à colorer votre baiser. Vous n’avez plus qu’à le partager sur Facebook ou à l’envoyer à vos amis ! Pour connaître les points de vente MAKE UP FOR EVER les plus proches de vous, géolocalisez-vous !
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When you are surrounded by hundreds and thousands of zombies, would you insist of rescuing others or would you rather save yourself to live longer? "Best Game of 2009" - App Store "...the game provides a substantial value over the competition given the depth of the included RPG elements, multiple levels and multiplayer capability. " - Touch Arcade "Thanks the well-thought out objectives and outstanding multiplayer action, the popular top-down iPhone shooter has been reborn in blood, guts and flying bullets" - Gold Award (9/10)...
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ランキングNo.1ゲーム"0.03 seconds"の開発者がお届けする続編"Hardest Game Ever - 0.02s"を、どうぞお見逃しなく! Hardest Game Ever - 0.02s は、プレーヤーの反応速度をミリ秒単位・ピクセル単位で計測する、楽しくてエキサイティングなミニゲーム・セットです!ピクセル単位でどれだけ正確に的の中心に向かって射撃できるか、落下する卵を床に落とさないようキャッチできるか、自分の反応がどれだけすばやいかお試しください。0.02 sで、アドレナリンが発散されまくることうけあい!最高のスピード、最短の反応時間を目指して、世界を相手に競ってください! 家族や友達とも...
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Your nightmares continue in action-packed zombie slaughter game... "Alive 4-Ever RETURNS gives us another look at just how a dual-stick shooter should be delivered." - Touch Arcade "...a far better game than its predecessor and establishes it as one of the best shooters on the iPhone." - 4.5/5 GAMEPRO "...this is definitely bigger, badder and more exciting than ever before. Seriously... grab it!" - 5/5 APP SPY Alive 4-ever RETURNS, a sequel to the popular zombie shooter game of the same name, a game that received rave revie...
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Congratulations! The Deluxe version Ever Defense Deluxe was recommended by the editor of 148 apps. √ What's More in the Deluxe Version: Locating on small map become easily Extra mineral deposits bonus is added Show power taken when builing construction Added enemy which can only be beat by upgraded tower Upgraded Towers and location of construction building ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ The game Ever Defense, in which you must protect the base from being destroyed, is a well-designed TD game with real-time strategy genre. You can ...
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PROD4ever presents... The Voice Machine! Just like the old Yak Bak, record your voice and adjust the pitch to talk like you've never thought you could.  Dictate to Diane from the Black Lodge, sing like Alvin and the Chipmunks, or prank your friends with you're best Barry White croon. This app is brought to you free by the good people at www.prod4ever.com Now you can update to the Voice Machine Pro directly from your app! Developer Note: iPod Touch users need a microphone in order for the voice machine to capture your voice.
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DropboxとEvernoteの両方のファイルを操作できる!! 唯一無二の、クラウドファイルマネージャー・ビューアアプリです! -- 各レビューサイトさまに紹介していただきました -- ○EvernoteとDropboxの夢の競演!2つのサービスを同時操作できるアプリ(リニューアル式さま) ○両方のサービスを使っているユーザーには画期的です。(AppBankさま) - 主な特徴 - ○2大クラウドサービスを一つのアプリで管理 ・DropboxとEvernoteという2大クラウドサービスを一つのアプリで管理できます。 ・DropboxとEvernoteの間でスムーズにデータのやりとりができます。  Dropbox...
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Try Wedding Dash 4-ever for FREE today! When Quinn's mom unexpectedly arrives in town and shakes up her home, business, and love life, its up to best friends Quinn and Flo to keep everything under control! With mom making suggestions at every turn, help Quinn manage more weddings than ever before! Keep the bride and groom happy, lead conga lines, plan dream weddings, and more in PlayFirst's most romantic time management game yet, Wedding Dash 4-Ever! Featuring 50 great levels of wedding chaos in the full version! - Host weddi...
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Evernoteのノート作成をさらに手軽に。 - カスタムキーボード - ペーストボード連携 - 選択しやすいタグリスト - ノートの確認 / 編集 - 即時アップロード - 入力欄の統合 - テキスト・画像の両方を含むノートの作成 - TextExpander 連携 ※有料版からの機能制限はありませんが、ノート作成後に広告が表示されます。 ■ 主な機能 □ カスタムキーボード Tap2Everはカスタムキーボードを搭載しています。 カスタムキーボードには左右のカーソルキー、現在の日付、時刻、チェックボックスが標準で含まれるほか、最大5つの文字を自由に設定することができます。 □ ペース...
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