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■「CONNECT(コネクト)」は「株式取引」をスマートフォンでカンタンに行うためのアプリです。  「CONNECTは、あなたと共に夢を追い、共に成長していくことを目指しています」と、弊社社長が宣言していますので、今後も新しく便利なサービスをどんどん提供していきます! ◎12月8日、ひな株USAをリリースしました! ご要望の多かった「米国株式」の取扱いを開始しました。その名も「ひな株USA」!ちょっとだけそのクールな仕組みをイントロすると、、、(以下ラップ調で) ①ひな株USAの取引時間は9時~17時(日本時間で寝不足なし)②朝に決まった値段が1日中続く(将来値上が...
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■Welcome to CONNECT! 「CONNECT(コネクト)口座開設」は、マイナンバーカードとNFC機能搭載のスマホがあれば、安全・確実かつ簡単に口座開設をお申込みいただけるアプリです。 【皆さまへ とても大切なお願い】 ・写真撮影やNFC機能を利用した「口座開設」は「うまくいけば」便利な機能ですが「うまくいかない」ことも少なくありません。何度か試せばうまくいくこともあるかもしれません。しかし実際は「うまくいかない」ことも少なからずあります。 「うまくいかない」原因はお客さまごとに多種多様で、万能で単純な解決法は残念ながらありません(ごめんなさい!)。 ...
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Connect helps you capture everything you want to do in the real world — and then do it with friends. Whether it’s places you want to go, people you want to see, or activities you’re interested in, Connect keeps all your social ideas organized. Brunch with your crew? Full moon hike? Spin class every Thursday? No matter what you want to do, Connect helps you *actually* make it happen. What makes Connect special? - Get inspired by our curated list of activities, and invite your friends - Capture inspiration when it strikes – a locat...
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MTX Connect is Europe's mobile internet carrier, with a fast and secure network worldwide (3G/LTE). With an MTX Connect SIM Card or eSIM, you're always online – without the hassle of roaming charges. Choose one of the fixed tariffs to suit your needs, then play, chat, surf and watch videos across the globe. With MTX SMS Number Subscription you can choose UK or Luxembourg phone number and get SMS from people, banks or web-services with 2FA anywhere around the world. We will appreciate your feedback if any error occurs. You can act...
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iTunes App Storeのアプリのうち、あるべき機能を備えているファイル閲覧・伝送・管理アプリはコレ!PDF Connectは指一本でファイルの管理、マーク、シェア及び、サインが手軽にできます。行動力と効率を上げるために、PDF Connectはあなたのベストチョイスです! PDF Connectつの新機能追加: +iOS 10 +AirDrop +よりスムーズな閲覧体験、画面フィットを追加 +ページスライダー-新しいPDF閲覧モード +PDFファイルの編集にサポート、自由にページを移動や削除できる +PDF ファイルで編集した注釈を含んだデータを別アプリへ移すことが可能 +サイズの大きなPDFファイル...
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Urban Connect is a corporate mobility provider in Switzerland and other European countries.  We strive to supply companies with All-in-One mobility packages that ensure fast and convenient traveling for their employees. E-cars, e-bikes or e-scooters - we have sustainable vehicles for any length of commute. Our clients use the fleets provided by us to travel to their meetings, visit lunch sites with colleagues, perform morning & evening commutes as well as to reach work campuses.  WHAT IS APP FOR? Our app is a unique sharing tool f...
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Be the first to know, Be the first to share! Sports-Connect is the app that let's you follow the whole Belgian basketball competition (national, regional, provincial and youth league). Manage the live scores and share them in real time with the other users through Your club website, SMS, Facebook, Twitter,... Receive push notifications, in realtime, of quarter scores for your favorite teams. The app shares the results and details of games through the www.sports-connect.be website and the websites of affiliated clubs. FEATURES: ...
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O objetivo deste aplicativo é ler imagens no padrão QR Code, identificar códigos de atendimento ao usuário específicos para os negócios da Connect Informações e Tecnologia S/A e abrir acesso via Web para que o usuário seja atendido por operadores especialistas. O usuário receberá atendimento via chat (se houver operadores on-line no momento) ou via formulário de contato (off-line). As imagens QR Code da Connect S/A podem ser encontradas em materiais de publicidade ou em sites relacionados aos negócios da empresa.
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Connect is a productivity app engineered specifically for the mobile workforce providing a meeting place to work together in real time, while exchanging important information to help keep business flowing, teams informed, and individuals engaged and feeling that their contributions are being recognized. Connect is instant encrypted messaging An alternative to email, the Qnnect chat channel enables team members to send and receive secure messages to one another. Sensitive, private, and essential information can be shared instantly ...
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Forget the worry of bringing enough cash to park your car, think Connect Cashless Parking for a seamless car parking experience. You can now search, book and pay for parking online with a few clicks. Download the application, choose your location and park, without the hassle of queueing in line for a machine, or rushing off to a local shop for change! You can also extend parking via the App. (if your location allows) without having to return to the Parking Meter, allowing you to stay focused on what matters to you. Connect Cashles...
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