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First there was Cinderella, then Carrie Bradshaw. Shoe and women is a long time story. Amazing Shoes & Bags is the first and only application dedicated to women’s passion for shoes and bags. The unique app is released in Chinese language and is free. Offering the high-resolution images, slide shows, lively videos and creative interactive contents, Amazing Shoes & Bags provides comprehensive and educational contents. Knowledgeable and elegant, Amazing Shoes & Bags digs into the latest trends, share tips from experts and portray...
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Amazing Shoes is China’s first and only magazine dedicated to luxury shoes. An educative, yet sophisticated publication, dedicated to shoes, craftsmanship, leather and shoe care. On this iPad application, immerse yourself into the world of elegance, passion and savoir-faire. Learn the history of men footwear through the ages, from Indian moccasin to British Goodyear. Share with our international experts the secrets of shoe polishing and caring. Discover the latest collection of major shoemakers, together with iconic models in the B...
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Amazing France: the lifestyle magazine dedicated to French luxury brands Amazing France is your monthly rendez-vous with the world of chic Français where you can download exclusive content dedicated to “Made in France”, direct to your iPad. Get special tips and advice on where to find the best shopping, travelling and fine dining in France, view amazing pictures, watch HD videos and read in-depth articles, all of which are easy to share with friends and family, through a gorgeous, interactive iPad application. Unlock the secrets...
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* Yahoo's Appolicious: 5 of 5 Bars. "Amazing Books reinvents children’s books." ** Jack and the Beanstalk 3D was featured in the NEW AND NOTEWORTHY and WHAT’S HOT SECTIONS worldwide for five weeks. *** Three Little Pigs 3D is currently a featured selection in the Apps for Kids sections in America and China... Discover reading in a whole new way! Amazing Books puts you in control of the action! By simply running your finger back-and-forth across the screen, you make the characters come to life and perform every page of the stor...
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Join Amazing Facts Ministry as we explore God’s Word! This app is your primary source for watching Pastor Doug Batchelor’s weekly inspiring broadcasts, including Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor, Sabbath School Study Hour, and Bible Answers Live. Watch the 24/7 stream or get hundreds of programs on demand!
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Join thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world who have developed successful businesses with the help of Amazing. Choose from our extensive range of courses and learn everything you need to know to start, generate revenue and accelerate your business. Here’s a sample of what you can learn: - Selling on Amazon - Advertising on Facebook - Promoting videos on YouTube - Sourcing products from China - Building an email list - Starting your first business - Scaling an existing business - Starting a business with little or no mon...
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Amazing Franceはフランスが大好きでもっと知りたい方なら誰でも加入できる参加型の多機能アプリです。 次回のフランス訪問に備えて、このアプリをダウンロードしてもいいし、自宅でフランスなお買い物にも使え、フランスのカルチャーや歴史もみんなとシェアできます。 このアプリができること - AmazingFranceが提携しているパートナーから受けるオリジナル特典とVIP特典付きの“Lifestyle Pass” - フランスの観光、ショッピング、グルメ、癒しのスポットのご紹介 - 洗練されたフォト、ヒント、お気に入りをFacebookやメールでシェアできます - Newsとビデオ パリの最新の...
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美少女育成サッカーゲーム『ビーナスイレブンびびっど!』 シリーズ累計300万人がプレイしたビーナスシリーズがサッカーゲームに! ◆白熱の試合◆ リアルタイムに作戦指示できる「マニュアルモード」 サッカー初心者も安心のお任せ「セミオートモード」 臨場感あふれる実況やスピーディーな試合展開や かわいいミニキャラがダイナミックに動く必殺技など、 試合シーンを盛り上げます! ◆レアリティレベルMAXまで育成可能◆ どんな女の子でも高レアリティに! お気に入りの選手をトコトン育成できる! ◆システムも充実◆ 会社やクラブハウス、スタジアムに遠征! サッカーに...
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Amazing Flying Hero is one of the most popular hero games for all those who love superheroes! Come play Amazing Flying Hero and enjoy the first-rate, smooth animations as superheroes swing freely through the Gangster Crime city like never before. Amazing Flying Hero main features - Superhero saves the gangster crime city from car snatchers, mafia gangsters, terrorists - Mafia gangster crime city in detailed environments with different views - City hero adventure in a gangster vegas city to explore the grand crime city - Superher...
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翼白高校サッカー部の監督となり個性あふれる部員たちと一緒に 『キズナ』を深めて最高のチームを目指そう! 【キズナストライカー!(キズスト!)とは】 ○●ストーリー●○ 父のようなストライカーになって、明るいチームで 全国制覇を目指したいと夢を抱く『神奈やいば』 しかし、かつて父が通った『翼白高校サッカー部』は すでに廃部寸前となっていた… ●キズナを深めて強く!そして仲良く! 「監督お疲れ様!今日も監督のおかげでイイ練習が出来たぜ!」 練習を頑張っている部員に差し入れをして 監督との『キズナ値』をアップさせよう! キズナが深まるほど部員は強くな...
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