Embracing Change

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リリース日2011-01-28 17:00:00
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This app follows a world-acclaimed method for change. It works for personal and professional changes. The app has been artfully designed to coach users step-by-step in the change method called "Appreciative Inquiry."

This new genre of self-development apps puts users in charge of how deeply they participate in the content. They interact with the graphics, question-sets and the in-built tools. In "Embracing Change" there are audio coaching tips and video support to help users design their own change strategy. It truly connects the users to their own leadership. They will be strengthened by what they learn and will feel empowered to embrace change.

By downloading the app, here’s are some of the user experiences:

* start by discovering what works already together with personal strengths
* envision what changes could be possible for a desired future
* design how to organize strategically and tactically
* find out how to adapt to ongoing changes to be always change ready

The creator of the app is an experienced coach and leader in Appreciative Inquiry. She is published in print, "Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions." She provides the in-app coaching with audio and video tips. so users participate by writing their ideas and insights right in the app to help commit to persona aspirations.

List of features in Version 1.2:

* A step-by-step, clearly structured practice
* Audio coaching and training tips *** NEW
* Social media integration *** NEW
* Guided approach to story telling
* Text edit tool to respond to step-by-step questions and record insights inside the app
* Ability to share notes with others
* Interactive graphics of models of change
* Enhanced usability and navigation *** NEW
* Scrollable slide shows
* 360 work flow panorama
* Inspirational quotes, beautiful imagery and graphics
* Instructional videos

Embracing Change is a app created by published author, Robyn Stratton-Berkessel and developed by Polymash Inc. (www.polymash.com)

Future apps in the pipleline include:

- The Power of Women's Leadership
- The Gift of Caring Relationships
- The Joy of Inter-generational Dialog

We love hearing from our clients and appreciate all feedback; visit our support page with any questions or suggestions you may have and join in the conversation on our Facebook Page “Embracing Change: The App”.

Several Bug Fixes - post-it notes editor loading inconsistencies, facebook integration simplified
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