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Alloo’s Little World - HD Animation Series 1

Welcome to ALLOO’S LITTLE WORLD, an educational, interesting and fun HD animation series!
Young children can not only watch the animation but also sing-a-long and play educational games.
Now is the time for you to share and enjoy Alloo’s Little World with your children!

★Animation Overview
Designed for children ages 3-7; this animated series presents universal social, emotional, and moral messages to young children. These fun-filled episodes follow Alloo and his friends-Daru, Karu- as they play, discover and interact with each other learning that good friends are what life is all about.

★Main Features
Animation Mode
- 6 episodes in English and Korean [Each episode is about 3 minutes long.]
- English subtitles are provided.
- Episode list
1. Hide & Seek Playground
2. Designer of the Forest, Alloo
3. Log Tunnel Game
4. Did you see the wood spaceship?
5. Altoo from Space
6. The Fancy Cookie Incident

Song Mode
- Sing along with all the songs in each episode.
- 9 songs are in English and Korean
- English and Korean lyrics are provided.
- Song list
1. Title Song
2. Alloo's Song
3. Hide & Seek Playground
4. Designer of the Forest, Alloo
5. Log Tunnel Game
6. Wood Spaceship
7. Altoo's Song
8. The Fancy Cookie
9. Good-bye Song

Game Mode
-Children love jigsaw puzzles. There are 4 different puzzles. Each puzzle contains a certain scene from an episode.
-After your children complete a picture, the characters or objects on the picture will vibrate. Touch the character or object to interact with each of them.

★★ You can download the Korean version of each video [song] through Wifi or 3G.
★★ Please update this application on the App Store or I Tunes if there is an error or stopped while running the application.
★★ Please update this application in WIFI if the Korean version does not work properly.
★★ For further information;

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