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開発者Logical Software International Pty. Ltd
リリース日2010-11-18 13:55:16
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互換性iOS 5.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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*** MeThink! 1.5 only supports devices with iOS 5.0 or higher ***

Life's mission is to enjoy the positives and minimise the negatives.

Wise men often said that for one to fully grasp and understand things that happen, write them down.

Now you can!

Introducing Me Think!. Take your iDevice to the next level as a true mobile companion. The one that logs all things that happen. All things that matter.

Me Think! Quick Mood Capture has been designed for quick capturing of your moment, thoughts, events, and tidbits. Quick Mood Capture has been arranged for most intuitive and ease of uses. With multitasking of iOS means Me Think! is always ready for your moment. Enter your note, rate your mood, click save and your entry is saved into your diary database. If this event was something you'd like to *shout* you can simply tweet it all in one swift action.

Life is a mix of positive and negative experiences. Me Think! Moody Views will let you know just that! Its intuitive graphs show how your day fares. Good days and bad days are shown side-by-side. These experiences are summed up into months.

Your mission, if you dare to accept - is to make sure the graph fares more on the positive side.

- Quick Mood Capture for quick capture of your moment and thoughts
- Quick entries are preset with the current date and time
- Intuitive mood selector
- Share your entry and picture to Twitter
- Moody Summary View summarises your day's experience level into a beautiful and easy to understand graph
- Moody Month summarises your day's experiences into monthly graph
- View or edit your entries via Moody List view
- Come with 3 pre-defined themes to accompany your mood or moment
- Export journal entries via email (i.e. export entries and send to Evernote to backup your journal in the cloud)
- Open Me Think! document on other iDevices

Me Think! is an on-going, never-ending project!
If you like it. Or if you would like to suggest new features or improvement, please feel free to contact us. Our principle is as reflected by our software, we note and enjoy the positives and thrive to improve and minimise the negatives.


Please Note:
- MeThink! 1.5 only supports devices with iOS 5.0 or higher.

What's New:
- Now support landscape mode. Enter your diary entries to your heart's content with more convenient keyboard layout in landscape mode.
- Integrated with iOS 5's Twitter framework. Conveniently sign-on to Twitter from your device's Settings, then you can have MeThink! sends a tweet and attached a photo with your entry.
- Support iTunes' File Sharing. Every entry of MeThink! represents your sentimental and un-replaceable memory. Begin with this version, you will be able to drag-n-drop MeThink! data file (iPonder.sqlite) from File Sharing section of iTunes and keep it as extra backup copy, or share it between devices, i.e. iPhone and iPad.
- Improve UI clarity
- Several defects fixed
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更新日時:2023年10月1日 21時58分




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