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開発者Imaginary Feet, LLC
リリース日2010-10-28 08:17:08
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互換性iOS 4.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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The reviews are in: This is the BEST app in the app store for secretly recording video! You really have to try it out yourself to see how easy it is to start recording video without anyone knowing!

✓ “Very very very clever!” - Alister Henton, 5/5 Rating

✓ “If you want a true spy video application, this is the best one on the market right now. “ - http://neta1o.com/research/iphone-spy-camera-apps.html

iPhone 3G USERS: Due to the video recording limitations of the 3G, you will NOT be able to use this application.

======= FEATURES =======

✓ Intuitive and easy to use
✓ Tap ANYWHERE on the screen to start recording; tap again to stop recording
✓ Completely cover the iPhone/iPod touch screen with an “alibi activity” (fake screen) to hide the fact you are actually recording videos
✓ Adjustable video quality setting and record UP TO 720p! (iPhone 4)
✓ Keep your videos privately stored INSIDE the app and not in the photo library, using a PASSWORD-PROTECTED video vault (in-app purchase)
✓ Record video while actually surfing any website (in-app purchase). Simply tap the Star icon to start/stop recording. The bottom bar will slightly change color when you are recording as an indicator.
✓ Leave your spy camera somewhere and record up to ONE HOUR using the built in timer!
✓ Customize EVERY aspect of what’s on the screen while recording.
✓ Add your own CUSTOM alibi activities. (Take screenshots of YOUR home screen to make it appear like your browsing your home screen and not really recording video*)
✓ Dynamically swap alibi activities by swiping left or right
✓ Swipe up and down to adjust transparency of alibi screen
✓ Super STEALTH mode to help covertness
✓ We are serious about providing FREQUENT updates!

NEW Version 1.3 FEATURES
✓ Added password protection to Video Vault
✓ High quality video recording up-to 1 Hour
✓ New Icon
✓ New stealth mode that locks the alibi screen and transparency in place to prevent inadvertent changes
✓ Fixed bug that deleted custom alibis when updating app
✓ SpyVid now installs as SV
✓ Various bug and performance fixes

Version 1.3 FEATURES
✓ Option to enable Web Browser
✓ Improved speed while saving videos. Works best on low or medium quality
✓ Better recording reliability! Added support to save videos when the app is inadvertently closed. Videos are temporarily saved upon close and when you re-open the app they are copied to the appropriate destination
✓ Completely redesigned the video vault. It now feels more like the native photos app. Also includes the ability to email videos smaller than 20 megabytes!

Version 1.2 FEATURES
✓ Option to enable Video Vault
✓ Video Vault stores videos uncompressed in their originally recorded format (unlike other video storage apps)
✓ Change settings while recording
✓ Better indications when you start/stop recording.
✓ Improved user interface and experience

✓ Low light video recording!

Feel free to send us feedback about any features you would like to see. Most of our updates are user driven and based on what they want! We thank you for your part in making this the BEST spy video app!!

Unlock your inner spy – buy SpyVid now!


* take screenshots by simultaneously holding the top power button and the bottom until the screen flashes

NOTE: If you have any issues with the app please fill out the feedback form from inside the app or send an email to spyvid@imaginaryfeet.com. We can’t respond to reviews! If you have a problem let us know so we can fix it. We respond to EVERY email.

- Added password protection to Video Vault (most requested feature!)
- Increased recording limit for high quality videos (1 hour)
- New icon!
- The name of the app is now 'SV' instead of SpyVid
- New stealth mode that locks the alibi screen and transparency in place to prevent inadvertent changes
- Fixed bug that deleted new alibis when upgrading the app
- Various bug and performance fixes

As always, if you have any issues/comments please email us or use the in app feedback feature. If you have an issue it’s best to email us rather than write a negative review. We can respond to emails! We can’t respond to reviews.

Thanks to all the feedback from users that helped with this update

- Imaginary Feet
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