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開発者SpinThought Inc.
リリース日2010-07-01 05:56:46
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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StopWatches 2.0 adds multiple page support to organize multiple stopwatches on your iPad. Quickly set up pages of stopwatches for teams, coaching, sports, games, photography, medicine, and any kind of work where having an organized set of stopwatches helps you accomplish your goals. New Features:
- Create any number of pages to populate with stopwatches. - Add any background image from the Photo Gallery as wallpaper for each page.
- Create any number of stopwatches and position them anywhere on a page.
- Type or select a title for your stopwatch from the address book selector.
- Set the stopwatch time color to distinguish one from another on a page.
- Position your stopwatches by tap-dragging them anywhere on the page (tiled a page holds 21 stopwatches).
- Access your stopwatches from the StopWatches popover list to add to a page or delete entirely.
- Cross populate your pages with duplicates to make it easy to add one stopwatch to multiple pages.
- Create page notes for every page and deliver them by email - Tap the "Lap" and "Split" buttons on a running stopwatch to view real time data and automatically save it to that stopwatches information page for distribution.
- Distribute stopwatch times and notes via email in text or CSV format.
- View the current saved times per stopwatch instantly via a popup window.

TIP: For easy access to previous data or team statistics, go to the desired website page via the StopWatches browser and hold down the home key and press the lock button on the top right of your iPad - this will put a screenshot of the website page in the Photo Gallery. Then go back to the StopWatche's stopwatches screen and tap the "Add Wallpaper" button and select that screenshot from the Photo Gallery as your background!

There are many more uses for StopWatches - just use your imagination! Thank you for checking out another SpinThought app!


StopWatches 2.1 adds features that our customers suggested so keep the comments coming. We aim to please!

**** NEW FEATURES! ****

- Changed the StopWatch information popover into a slide out drawer with REAL TIME lap and split information. ***You no longer have to tap the Stop button to see the data from lap and split taps!***

- Update the times list during a race with real time lap and split information, which is shown while the stopwatch is running, and saved to the stopwatches information page when stopped.

- You no longer need to clear the times data for each stopwatch, it is automatically cleared after each session, but all times are saved to the information page as before, so you have a complete record for that stopwatch.

- Single-tap the "I" information button on any StopWatch to see the real time data, in a scrolling "drawer" that opens and closes from the bottom of the StopWatch.

- Double-tapping the "I" now displays the full information page with the StopWatch's title, saved times, and saved notes.
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更新日時:2021年2月25日 05時27分




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