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開発者Thinklabs Medical LLC
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互換性iOS 6.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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by Thinklabs - the world leader in Digital Stethoscopes

• RECORD heart, lungs, bruits, Korotkoff, bowel sounds
• DISPLAY & review sound waveforms in real time
• SAVE & RECALL recordings
• EMAIL sounds & images directly from patient exam

Capture and display sounds in real time directly from your electronic stethoscope* to iPhone/Touch/iPad - a powerful tool for bedside auscultation, in office, or remotely. For amateur use, you can also record heart sounds without a stethoscope using iPhone 3GS or later, including iPhone 5 and retina iPads.

NOTE: The highest quality sounds are recorded with a real electronic stethoscope, such as Thinklabs ds32a. Recording directly using your iPhone/Touch is for amateur use only and has limited clinical utility.

Requires iOS 6, due to enhancements in that OS that Apple has provided.

You can record in two ways.

To record with an electronic stethoscope:
Connect the stethoscope to the headset jack on the iOS 6 device. We sell cables for thinklabs stethoscopes to allow this.

To record directly with an iPhone
1) Start app.
2) Place phone base onto the chest near the heart, with both small microphone holes sealed by skin, with just enough pressure to hold the phone there.
3) Keeping quiet, watch the display until you see 3 or 4 heartbeats without any noise.
4) Touch anywhere to stop recording.
5) Use pinch and drag to show 3 or so heart beats on the screen at once, with no noise.
6) Press the [E] button, select "Trim to Displayed" to discard the noisy bits.
7) Click the Action menu beside the [E] menu and you can email the sound to anyone you like. Sounds can also be saved on the phone.


• VISUALIZE heart/lung sounds, great adjunct to auscultation
• TEACH the power of phonocardiograms at bedside/office
• LEARN pathologies with the power of images + sounds
• DOCUMENTATION for Medicare and insurance
• FOLLOW UP with serial recordings over time
• EDUCATION - Medical Schools, Nursing Schools, EMT
• TELEMEDICINE and Remote Monitoring
• RESEARCH for capturing sounds for analysis


Thinklabs Stethoscope App augments the power of the electronic stethoscope with iPhone and iPod Touch visualization of sounds as you listen to patients. The App utilizes the full power of the iPhone’s multi-touch technology to create a tool that is amazingly fast and easy to use for physical exams or at the bedside.

Users can annotate recordings by dragging and dropping S1, S2, and Pathology Flags onto the waveform to indicate specific events for teaching, learning, or documentation.

Files can be saved, recalled and/or emailed, all with the capability to add names and free form notes. Files saved in .wav format, images emailed as .jpg files. Thinklabs provides free software for laptop/desktop to facilitate further editing and annotation of files captured with Stethoscope App.

For clinical audio quality, use a Thinklabs ds32a Digital Stethoscope or similar stethoscope compatible with Stethoscope App. If you have any questions about the system requirements and stethoscopes compatible with the App, please contact Thinklabs at

iOS 6 support (now requires iOS6)
iPhone 5 support
Retina screen support
Stethoscope App is now very much easier to use. It now works on any iOS6 device. You need a cable available from us to connect a Thinklabs stethoscope to the iPhone or iPad.

In addition there are major sound quality improvements and some more options to filter the sound for playback.
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