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開発者Crazed Kitty Software
リリース日2009-10-30 05:14:11
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互換性iOS 7.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Keeping in touch is the core of what the iPhone is about, keeping in touch with the people you care about, the people you play with, the people you work with, and the people that make a difference in your life. They are buried amongst the hundreds or thousands of people in your contact directory, on Facebook, out in Twitterland, and so many other places. Reaching those specific people quickly and easily in a way that makes sense is what you want to be able to do, and that is what my favs gives you, quick connections for all your contacts.

A single tap is the key, a tap that can start a phone or Facetime call, begin a text or email, get directions to an address, check out the latest on a website, or use Skype to keep in touch by phone or text, a single tap instead of multiple taps in multiple apps just to reach one person.

My favs lets you gather your favorite people, businesses, or websites into groups that have meaning to you. Whether the group is just your immediate family, your co-workers at the office, or everyone in the ski club, these are contacts or resources that are related and you have a need to keep in touch with them.

Each contact is represented by a face on the main screen of the app. Each contact mode (again, 8 of them) sets all of the contacts in all groups to that mode. Each contact has default choices you set when they were added to make your tap the one you need at the moment. And when your defaults choices aren’t enough, a long touch of a face reveals all of the contact’s information for your use with one tap.

Because groups are important to you, there are three group functions included in my favs. They are texting, emailing, and mapping. One tap and all members of the group will be included in the communication or placed onto the map based on their contact defaults. Use this to send out a quick reminder to the office staff about lunch the next day or an update to your friends that traffic has you running late for dinner, just one tap and entry of the message takes care of one or fifty contacts.

Two other key features are provided in my favs, a dialer to make phone calls and send text messages to any number you don’t have in your phone book, and a quick dial screen which lets you call information, wireless carrier service, or emergency services. The numbers on the quick dial can be changed if you are traveling out of the country or reside outside the USA.

We have more features in the works, send us your suggestions by visiting our website.

An important note: If you love the app, please rate it so everyone knows and recommend us to all your iPhone friends. And if you don't like the app, please tell us what you think would make it outstanding so we can keeping making what we think is a great app even better. We've done extensive testing of the application to make it very reliable, but should you find something we missed let us know so we can take care of it and make this the best performing app possible.

Updated the look and feel to match iOS 7/8.

The app has fixes to run on iOS 8.

Removed the eSMS feature, it is available in the eSMS Finder app.
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更新日時:2024年4月20日 16時42分




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