Pediatric Nursing - Novice Critical Thinking

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Designed for: Nursing Students, Nurses and Nurse Educators, Post-conference, study groups and indificual study.

Is your ability to Critically Think like a nurse proving to be more of a challenge than you anticipated or you just don’t know what questions to ask? Try out Layered Learning’s approach. These interactive programs are designed to engage individuals, study groups, post-conferences and enhance many other learning situations.

The thought provoking scenarios are a grouping of conversation starters that promote open communication among students and faculty. Layered Learning programs are designed to be easily used by everyone. The programs include excises in Prioritization, Delegation, Information Collection, Discussion and Collaboration.

Looking for consistency for an entire clinical course? Using this tool each clinical group will have a consistent base of situations and discuss potential answers to take to their next level of learning. These tools are very adjunct friendly.

Use the critical thinking scenarios when you are out of ideas but not out of time. They can be used for clinical make-up, in class or as remediation in the office.

The cards allow the educator to evaluate the student’s understanding of nursing concepts. Give students a chance to correct one another and exhaust their thoughts. The students will likely show you where there are gaps in knowledge.

Layered Learning has iPhone/iTouch Applications and hard copies for the following areas:

Nursing Skills and EMT Skills – which generates scenarios that students have the opportunity to transcribe orders, perform the given skill on any level mannequin and document. Building simulations of their own on campus using equipment commonly used in healthcare education.

Critical Thinking in Nursing include: Nursing - General, Pediatric – Novice, Psychiatric – Novice, Maternal/Child, Critical Care, Geriatric and Surgical Nursing.

Critical Thinking for Emergency Providers include: Fire Base EMT, Paramedic Critical Thinking and Pharmacology.

Critical Thinking for Surgical Technology is also available.

For potential answers and discussion points please email for the electronic file. This file will only be released to educators so please indicate your school and position.

Thank you and enjoy the conversations!

For a complete listing of programs available including “On-Campus Clinical Days” visit us at

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