Shuttle Run Test

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Shuttle Run Test

The Shuttle Run Test helps to determine the aerobic capacity of a person by calculating his/her maximal oxygen consumption (VO2Max) and his/her maximal aerobic speed or velocity at maximal uptake (vVO2Max).
The test involves running 20 meters shuttles until exhaustion by following the pace dictated by Beep sounds that accelerate every minute.

Test preparation :
To perform this test, you only need two plots or other objects to make a mark.
The plots have to be separated within 20 meters distance : You will perform the test within these two plots.

Test development :
Connect your headphones to your iPhone/iTouch and go in front of the first plot.
When you are ready, touch the 'Start' button and get ready to start in 5 seconds. The application will give you the count down.
When you hear the first Beep, start to run to the second plot : You have to arrive at the second plot when you hear the second Beep.
Then turn back, and run back to the first plot. You have to arrive at the plot when you hear the third Beep, and so on.
These Beeps dictate the pace of your running.
A Beep represents one step of a stage.
The stage changes every minute and the speed of running is increased by 0.5 km/h.
A short Beep represents one step and a long Beep informs you that you have reached the next stage.

As the levels progress the Beeps become quicker and more frequent so a greater number of shuttles has to be completed inside 1 minute.
The test ends when you can no longer maintain the pace of the Beeps (when you can no longer reach the plots when you hear the Beep).
Touch the 'Stop' button : you have reached your vVO2Max represented by the theoretical speed of the last stage reached and your VO2Max (based on your age) is determined by the application.

The 'Shuttle Run Test' application let you train and try to reach a higher stage.
With a simple look, the application's design will give you informations about :
- your current stage
- your current step
- the number of steps to reach before the next stage
- the time left before the next step (before the next Beep)
- the test total time
- the theoretical speed of running for each stage
- the theoretical oxygen consumption for each stage (ml/min/kg)
- the total distance of running

You also have the possibility to save your test results.

The test is excellent for multi-sprint sports such as soccer, rugby, tennis, etc. because you have to stop and turn back at each plot.

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