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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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** UPDATED for iOS 4 to support background location tracking! **

Sonic Phone Finder utilizes Apple's Push Notification service and the iPhone's GPS to help you recover your lost iPhone.

After you have lost your iPhone, simply visit and login using the account you setup on in the app. You can send a message to the phone with the notification sound of your choice. If you are running iOS 4 on your iPhone you will also be shown the current location of your iPhone on a map.

Once the person clicks the View button on the notification that is displayed on their iPhone, they will be shown a more detailed version of your message and their exact location will be emailed to you. This has a greater benefit over sending a text message or calling your phone, because it will continue to play the alert sound for 30 seconds and the message will remain on the screen even if the iPhone is locked.

If you have simply misplaced your iPhone around your house, calling your phone isn't always the best way to find it because your default ringtone may not be loud enough to hear if you are not standing close to your phone. In this case, we provide an alternate, loud/high-pitched notification sound, which can be heard through walls and around the house.


1) Why do I need Sonic Phone Finder when I can just call my phone? : Your first course of action when you lose your iPhone should be to call it. However, this is not always effective. What if the person who found your iPhone isn't by the phone when you call and then can't check your voicemail because they don't know how, or the screen is locked? What if you have a ringtone that is too quiet to be heard? What happens if you lose you phone outdoors or leave it in location where it is not easily found? Or what happens if you don't have another phone around?

2) Why can't I just send a text message with my contact info? : The text message tone is very short and quiet and can't easily be heard. Also, if you send multiple text messages, or other calls or text messages come through, the message will not show up on the front screen. Also, the person who found your iPhone may not know to look at your text messages, or your iPhone might be locked. Sonic Phone Finder displays your message clearly on the front screen, and if you decide to send multiple messages, the most current message will always show up, so you can send as many as you'd like.

3) Will it track my iPhone's location at any time? : YES! If you are running iOS 4, you will be able to locate your iPhone on a map at any time.

Sure there's other ways to find your phone that are already built in and cost you nothing to use, but why not increase your chances even more by adding this simple and very inexpensive tool to your iPhone. If you ever lose your iPhone and can't recover it using any other method, you will find this to be the most valuable app you own!

* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

** Does not work with jailbroken phones **

- Now works with iOS 4
- Supports background location updates. Track your phone at any time from our website without the app needing to be open.
- High resolution graphics for iPhone 4's retina display
- New icon
- New app name
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