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リリース日2009-04-10 13:11:42
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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Announcing an Easy, Discreet Way to Track and Record Your Fertility and Menstrual Cycles with Ease! The New Period and Fertility Calendar iPhone Application!

Ladies - if you've ever struggled with what days your period is due to start, and are tired of hassling with calendars and dates - or you're looking to get pregnant and want to know which days are ideal for that special moment, your iPhone has the answer!

With the Period and Fertility calendar, you can effortlessly track and measure your period start and end days, flow, length and moods. The application will crunch all the numbers based on your last three months' cycles and create approximate dates for menstruation.

How the Period and Fertility Calendar Works

With its discreet icon, title and secure password feature, your personal details stay personal. Several features have been added to make the Period and Fertility Calendar the top choice for tracking your cycle:

Don't be caught off guard by leaks and embarrassing accidents! Effortlessly track your periods while letting the iPhone predict your next cycle with ease! Just enter your start and stop date for your last period (or more, if you know them) and you'll instantly get an up-to-date calendar informing you of your next estimated cycle.

Improve Pregnancy Chances with at-a-glance "Fertility Window"
If you're trying to get pregnant (or avoid pregnancy), the straightforward fertility icon lets you know instantly when the best time is. You can also record intimacy dates so you can track the best dates for conception.

Document Your Symptoms - Great for Discussion with Your Doctor!
Feeling grouchy? Don't keep it to yourself. Track your PMS symptoms instantly through the Period and Fertility Calendar. Make a note of cramps, headaches, backache, spotting or other symptoms to discuss with your doctor.

Add Custom Notes to Any Date Quickly and Easily
You can add your own notes and information to any date regarding symptoms, irregularity or other period and fertility issues by simply tapping on the date.

Helpful Period FAQ is Great for Beginners!
If you've just started your period and have questions about entering "womanhood" but are too scared to tell your mom or a friend, you can consult the Period and Fertility Calendar to get the most common questions answered in plain English.

Know When to Call the Doctor in Case of an Emergency
If you notice something unusual about your period, there are certain instances where you'll want to speak to your doctor. The Period and Fertility Calendar's built in Help Section gives you direct access to symptoms you shouldn't ignore.

Super Cute Look! Forget drab and boring. The Period and Fertility Calendar is stylish, sleek and incredibly user-friendly. Everything you need is available in just a few taps, while loading fast and keeping your personal details private.

When it comes to tracking your periods or fertility dates, you no longer have to be at the mercy of "Aunt Flo"! Whether you're trying to get pregnant or just want to predict when your next cycle will start - the Period and Fertility calendar is an invaluable application that no serious iPhone user will want to be without!

Don't risk the embarrassment of not being prepared! Download the Period and Fertility Calendar today and harness your schedule, your way.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The Period and Fertility Calendar offers only approximate menstruation and fertility days. You should not use this application and timing alone to avoid pregnancy. Always discuss appropriate birth control options with your doctor and seek a qualified medical professional if you notice any unusual symptoms).

Fixed bug from recent update

* Any users who installed 1.1 will now be able to see all pre-existing data and new information will be recorded as expected.
  • 現在ランキング圏外です。
更新日時:2024年4月21日 08時12分




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