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開発者Yayi Technology Co., Ltd.
リリース日2014-12-09 23:32:32
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互換性iOS 6.1以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
◎ Introduction

E-Dentist is the world's first dental clinic system integrated with 3D animation video clips. The system provides dental diagnosis, treatment planning, patients' dental education, and treatment tracing capabilities. E-Dentist can definitely play a role as any dentist's super-assistant. It not only makes dental diagnosis and treatment planning easier, clearer, and more comprehensive; but also allows dentists to manage patient's complete dental information efficiently. Through magnificent 3D animation video clips with audio, accompanied by delicate PDF illustration, patients can easily understand their current dental situations, suggested treatments, treatment procedures, and the treatment plan. Furthermore, E-Dentist minimizes the communication gap between patients and dentists, and effectively increase the patient's faith and acceptance to the suggested treatments. As a result, Dental E-Dentist improves the quality and image of your clinic.

◎ Functionality

▪ User-friendly Interface: Detailed and delicate graphics present the before- and after-treatment.

▪ Diagnosis-to-Treatment Auto-Mapping: With one tap, diagnosed items are automatically mapped to one or more treatment items. Saves your time. (Mapping mode is selectable.)

▪ Detailed Implantation and Periodontitis Diagnosis: This function includes detailed diagnosis and various implantation plans for missing (vacant) teeth. Also contains the Periodontal Chart which replaces the traditional way of paper noting. The chart notation flow takes the advantage of iPad's UI technology. Users can complete the chart rapidly. This function, coupled with periodontal treatment planning interface, enables dentists to finish their treatment plans in a short period of time.

▪ Treatment Scheduling and Gantt Chart: By embedding project management alike tools,Dental TxPlan(Pro.) makes dentists and their patients overlook the treatment items, order, and schedule at a glance. Using drag-and-drop, users can rapidly change the item status. It also provides the capability for dentists to trace the treatment progress.

▪ Comprehensive Demonstration For Treatment Items: Treatment items can be demonstrated by 3D animation video/audio and PDF documents. Clarifies the treatment procedures for patients.

▪ Treatment Plan: Treatment plan (including diagnosis, suggested treatment items, cost, and schedule) can be sent to your patients via Email to enhance the communication between you and your patients.

▪ Dropbox Import/Export: Dropbox can be used to backup your patient files and import images such as X-Ray.

◎ Notes

1. In this version, video clips and PDF documents are in English . There are also Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese version .

2. After downloading, E-Dentist is free of charge for 14 days. You can purchase the functionality modules based on your needs after expiration.

3. Installation requires access to a e-yayi web account.

◎ Suggested Equipment: iPad 2 or above, iOS 6.1 or above

Bug fixed.
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