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開発者Smith Micro Software, Inc.; Consumer Division
リリース日2010-10-01 14:31:17
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Locality is a comprehensive location-based search application for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Smith Micro’s Locality app can locate local events, restaurants, bars, concerts, cafes, geo-tagged photographs and much more, to help you discover more about what's around you now, or somewhere you plan to visit.

In addition to a wide range of pre-configured categories, Locality offers customizable tools to give you greater flexibility and control over your searches, such as the power to create brand new categoriesor tweak pre-configured searches so results better reflect your personal taste and lifestyle.

Locality identifies your current location and delivers accurate results for nearby businesses, services, events, and even photos. Pre-configured Categories help where make a trip go more smoothly, even in an emergency. Categories include: restaurants, cafés, banks, gas stations, parking lots, taxis, hospitals, pharmacies and more.

Once a desired listing is found, users can see reviews, peruse the searched location’s website, view a map, get directions, call the destination (iPhone only), add the information to a contact list or forward it to a friend, all without ever leaving Locality.

“Our dynamic interface helps consumers find what they need, when they need it,” said David Polzine, Director of Productivity Solutions at Smith Micro Software. “We are living in an on-demand world and Locality is a single app that lets you find the nearest coffeehouse, or where your favorite band is playing, read restaurant reviews or get movie times and directions to a movie theater.”

Features and Benefits of Locality:
• Search for local businesses, services, events
• Find geo-tagged photos near your current location or anywhere else in the world
• Add custom searches and favorites
• Customize any existing search to include or exclude most or least favorite results
• One-click email a result to a friend or dining companion
• Bookmark a favorite or add contact info to you Contacts
• Get Maps and Directions to any search result

Ads can now be removed by upgrading to the paid version.
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更新日時:2019年2月18日 12時04分




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