British Museum Full Edition

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The wonderful collection of this app covers all the absolutely must-see highlights across the length and breadth of the British Museum and its well-known departments. Besides great info on highlights, there is also a range of useful tools for your visit. Use this app to:

# Download the Route planner and design your itinerary
# Get Interactive maps to navigate around the museum
# Take self-guided tours of the British Museum
# Enjoy excellent high-resolution images of objects
# Read or hear descriptions of highlights
# Play the audio on your mobile device.

Once downloaded, you can use the app anytime, anywhere. The app provides a number of remarkable tours of the Museum, both long and short, where within the space of a few hours, you can cover great ground, navigate the length and breadth of the museum without getting lost and not miss the famous highlights. There are more than 500 highlights in all from which you can choose to create your itinerary such as:

Ancient Egypt: Rosetta stone, Old kingdom sarcophagi, mummies and monuments
Ancient Assyria: Palace reliefs of Lion hunts and world-famous Lachish reliefs
Ancient Greece: Parthenon sculptures and the Nereid monument
Ancient India: Beautiful statues of Nataraja, Saraswati, Garuda and Tara
Ancient China: The famous David vases, Jade carvings, Ru bowls and dragon jars
Ancient Europe: Jade axe, The Gold cape, Ringlemere and Rialton gold cups
Viking and Anglo Saxon artefacts, Lewis chessmen and Sutton Hoo helmet
Roman Britain: Mildenhall treasure and Hoxne pepper pots
Persia: Oxus treasure, Glazed bricks featuring the Immortal army and Cyrus cylinder

The guided tours range from 1 to 6 hours and have excellent and time-saving itineraries with clear directions and optional audio. This highly user-friendly app has been designed with you in mind, to save you time and hassle so that you can have a great time at the British Museum.

All you need to visit the Museum
- interactive maps
- delightful descriptions
- tour routes and
- excellent info on all the must-see highlights.
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