Blast Your Mind Marbles

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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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!!!WARNING!!! This game is for smart guys!

Put your mind to the test with our brand new game, Blast Your Mind Marbles!

*Game Features:
*An awesome new marbles game
*Unique power-ups
*Simple, but challenging game play

How To Play

You start with a board and some marbles on it, like in a classic zuma game. You must create lines of five marbles of the same color, in order to make them explode and clear the board! Your purpose is to get rid of all the marbles; otherwise you’ll have to start over again. At first you get 5 charges of every power up, but you can always buy a charge more of your most favorite power up in our store! That means that the more you play, the more power ups you can get and you’ll be able to use a charge of your favorite power up anytime you want!

Let’s talk power ups! Once you match 5 balls of the same color, the bomb power up will make all the marbles of the same color explode. It speeds up the process and clears the board- this is great help! If you want to break a certain marble on the board or use a power up, the hammer power up will do that for you, without costing you an extra turn! But you don’t just happen to get the hammer power up; you have to match 7 or more marbles of the same color first, in order to be rewarded with this awesome power up!

The ventilator pushes neighboring balls as far as they can go, this way helping you collecting them and clearing space on your board! The hourglass will freeze time and on the next turn, no additional marbles will be spawned on the table. Trust us, you’ll need and love this power up!

But wait, there’s more! You don’t only move the marbles up and down on the board and collect them in rows or columns. You can also match the on a diagonal, this way reaching high scores far more often! And if you have difficulties adapting to the game play, you can always lower the difficulty and just relax with this classic marble game!

So don’t wait anymore, be a Marble sage and show your skills!

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