Polynomial Long Division

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開発者Esa Helttula
リリース日2012-08-11 05:24:13
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Wired.com: "It’s fantastic for helping kids (and grown-ups) practice polynomial manipulation and division. I can’t recommend Esa’s math apps enough."

With the Polynomial Long Division app you can practice dividing polynomials with a step-by-step method. And you can get additional help at each step.

Fun Educational Apps: "Although Polynomial Long Division can look complicated this app makes it quite easy. It guides students step by step, telling them what to do. Student can play back problems step by step or with an animation, and can also stop the playback at any time and continue to solve the problem on their own. We think this app can easily be used in the classroom, ideal as part of school program or individually as a learning tool and homework helper.

The Polynomial Long Division app has several settings that allow you to set the difficulty to suit your needs. You can either pick answers for each step from multiple choices or you can type in the answers yourself. The former method is a great way to start using the app and then later you can start to type in your answers. Eventually you can hide the current division, multiplication, or subtraction step and solve the problems without any help.

You can have positive and negative coefficients that can be whole numbers or fractions. You can control how hard random problems the app generates. And you have complete freedom to set your own problems. The dividend can be a forth-degree polynomial and the divisor a third-degree polynomial.

When you type in your answers you can use a custom keyboard that enables you to enter variables and exponents with just one tap. Each keyboard in the app also contains a built-in calculator.

For several types of division, subtraction, and multiplication steps the app contains help balloons that break the steps into even smaller sub steps that help you solve the steps. Just tap the “Help me” button to open a balloon that will guide you to enter the correct answer.

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Feedback and requests for new features

New ideas to make this app better are welcome. Please visit idevbooks.com to give feedback.


This app has no ads or in-app purchases and it does not transmit any data during the operation of the app. This app also does not contain any links to other apps or the web.

- support for iOS 15
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