Painting with Time: Climate Change

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開発者Red Hill Studios
リリース日2012-03-15 16:00:00
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This amazing 'time painting' app lets your fingers reveal the dramatic ways our world is changing from rising temperatures. Make glaciers retreat and disappear by speeding up time. Explore extreme weather events like floods and droughts that may be caused by climate change.

"Dragging a finger across the screen peels back the layers of time. The app lets users explore how the world is changing over time using current and historic photos. "

"For those who don’t want to be lectured, and prefer to see evidence with their own eyes, Painting with Time: Climate Change is perfect. For believers and even activists, it provides a useful teaching and display tool."
-- 148apps

Brought to you by Red Hill Studios, the creators of the popular Painting with Time app, Painting with Time – Climate Change lets you discover for yourself how our world is transforming due to global warming. Collaborator Gary Braasch, creator of the World View of Global Warming web site, searched across the planet for the most striking visual examples of climate change.

Special features:
- 17 time lapse sequences of climate change
- Two artistic modes - Painting and Slicing
- Eight preset brushes and slicing patterns
- Illustrated summary of Climate Change
- Step-by-step tutorial on Capturing Change yourself

Future updates will include time lapse sequences created by you and other dedicated 'nature trackers.'

Distinguished climate scientists Dr. Katharine Hayhoe of Texas Tech University and Dr. Todd Sanford of the Union of Concerned Scientists were content consultants for the project.

Painting with Time - Climate Change is an extension of the "Exploring Time" documentary series and web site - which was developed under a generous grant from the National Science Foundation.

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We are donating half the net app proceeds to the Union of Concerned Scientists to help with their climate change research.
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