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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Now FREE for low speed aircraft! Plus a 30-day Free Trial for higher speed aircraft.

Now with Logical Drive’s new AirNet™ capability.

See ‘What’s New in Version 2.0.0’ below for details.

PocketHorizon™ is a real Glass-Cockpit, Battery-Backed Standby Artificial Horizon (Attitude Indicator) for your airplane, using the internal Gyro if available for quick response, or fully GPS-derived attitude with no Gyro, yielding accurate attitude but with slower response. For pilots that wish to have a simple, modern standby horizon for use when they need it, for their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (all with external GPS). Great as a standby horizon on any airplane, or as the sole supplemental attitude indicator on smaller homebuilts, gliders or ultralights – anywhere you can’t install a certified artificial horizon.


PLEASE NOTE: THIS APP IS FOR PILOTS ONLY. Since we started the Free Trial we are getting many downloads from users who are not reading the instructions or description here, and are then leaving negative reviews because they don’t understand that this app ONLY WORKS IN FLIGHT, and will show unexpected behavior when tried on the ground. For example, it returns to wings-level after a few seconds on the ground, but with forward motion in the air as detected by GPS it works exactly as expected. This is part of the constant calibration of attitude by the GPS, and is why PocketHorizon really works, vs. some others on the App Store. See the FAQs and P.O.H. for more information, but if you are not a pilot or don’t like to read instructions PLEASE don’t download this app. If you do try it, please FLY with it and give it a chance before leaving a review or rating. Thanks for your understanding!


NOTE: PocketHorizon REQUIRES EXTERNAL GPS, even when an internal Gyro or internal GPS are available. See all NOTES below!

NOTE: Garmin GLO is NOT yet supported. See our website for more info.

PocketHorizon - Over two years in development by Logical Drive Inc, with 19+ years experience building certified glass cockpit software for top GA aircraft.

Don’t spend $3500 + installation for a battery-backed standby horizon!
Use PocketHorizon to help keep the shiny side up!

- No manual calibration required
- Works with or without Gyro (GPS always required)
- Smooth 10 Hz operation, even with GPS-only
- Screen dimming, incl. extra-visible sunlight colors
- Lay-Flat mode for use with a kneeboard or over the panel
- Downloadable POH on support web site, plus FAQs


NOTE: PocketHorizon is a GPS-assisted attitude display and REQUIRES a WAAS/EGNOS-Enabled External GPS with a good sky view EVEN WHEN USED WITH THE GYRO! The internal GPS included in iPhone and many iPads is generally not sufficient to yield a steady attitude indication, so is not approved for use with PocketHorizon. Please see website for more info & mounting. NOTE THAT THE GARMIN GLO IS NOT CURRENTLY SUPPORTED!

NOTE: PocketHorizon is not intended for Aerobatics and will not respond correctly during rolls, loops or other aerobatic maneuvers as defined by the FARs. It also does not work in helicopters since forward speed is necessary for attitude determination. See our website for more details.

DISCLAIMER: This product consists of two components, the PocketHorizon software and your Apple iOS device. Neither the PocketHorizon software nor the Apple device are FAA Certified, and therefore should only be used for supplemental situational awareness in cooperation with other instruments and information sources in your airplane. Logical Drive Inc. does not assume any risk from your use of either PocketHorizon or the iOS device, therefore you use these at your own risk. If you do not agree with these provisions you are not authorized to use the PocketHorizon software, and should not purchase this app. Thank you for understanding.

*Note that PocketHorizon disables GPS after 1 minute in the background to conserve battery life.

We are pleased to offer the following upgrades in version 2.0.0 of PocketHorizon™!

PocketHorizon is now FREE for low speed aircraft! This means slower aircraft like the Taylorcraft, Aeronca, Piper Cub and the like will not need to purchase the app. This includes many Light Sport aircraft and homebuilts, plus ultralights and many gliders.

Free 30-day Trial for higher speed aircraft - After registering for the trial inside the app, your device can use PH for any speed aircraft for the trial period. After this time the app will be limited to low speed aircraft until purchased. This period should allow you to fully evaluate PocketHorizon to see if it meets your needs. You may then purchase it with an In-App Purchase.

AirNet™ - Logical Drive's new AirNet™ allows you to set up a "network in the air" to wirelessly connect two or more Apple devices running PocketHorizon (and soon other apps). Attitude and/or GPS info can be sent to all devices, with only the ‘Server’ device needing an external GPS or Gyro. This enables many scenarios, including multiple attitude displays, remote optimized positioning of the GPS receiver, angled mounting of attitude display devices even with Gyro, and many more. The ‘Client’ function is free, and can connect to any user’s Server. The Server is a one-time In-App Purchase, and a 30-day Free Trial is available for the Server, as well. See the support website for more information.

iPhone/iPod 5 and iPad mini Support - PocketHorizon now supports the 4” high Retina screen on the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th Generation. The iPad mini is also fully supported.

NOTE: Minimum iOS 5 Now Required - Due to use of the latest Apple device capabilities, a minimum of iOS 5 is now required. Unfortunately this means some of the oldest Apple devices, like the iPod touch 2nd Generation or iPhone 2G, can no longer be updated with new PocketHorizon versions. Such a device can, however, always keep its old version as long as it is never deleted from the device.
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