Quick & Healthy - Easy Recipes for Diabetics

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CulinartMedia and Julian Whitaker MD and the Whitaker Wellness Institute of New Port Beach, California have created Quick & Healthy: Recipes for Diabetics, a mobile culinary app to help reverse diabetes through healthy eating. The app features over 100 delicious recipes that allow users to customize their daily menus based on Dr. Whitaker’s suggested nutritional targets. The user sets their personal profile, and the app provides daily nutritional targets and values unique to that individual’s health and diet needs.

The Quick & Healthy: Recipes for Diabetics app also provides other important features, including a tracking device that allows you to successfully review your daily meals and a history button that gives you instant feedback on how you did yesterday or last week, all at-a-glance.

Join Dr. Julian Whitaker, along with the thousands of diabetes patients he has helped over the past 32 years, and start improving your health with sugar-friendly recipes and helpful tips on how to be successful in achieving your health goals. The app also includes several videos with Dr. Whitaker who shares his strategies for helping patients with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Whitaker and the Whitaker Wellness Institute remain tireless in their quest for change and innovation in medicine.
Start monitoring your meals today with the Quick & Healthy app and begin improving your health for tomorrow.
Feature Highlights:

Over 100 recipes, all illustrated with photography
Built-in timer
Nutritional values and targets
Tracking device and history record
Menu planner, list of favorites and shopping list generation
Ingredient calculator based on number of servings needed
Social media links, including sharing via Facebook and email
Introductory video by Dr. Whitaker on diabetes and treatment
Ability to add notes to recipes and dispatch invitations to an event

1. bug fixes
2. facebook fixes
3. iOS 6 compatibility
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