Sun Check Pro

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リリース日2011-12-21 15:01:52
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Sun Check Pro

The professional App for your personal and medically Appropriate UV sun protection!
The essential consultation App for planning a worry-free holiday without sunburn or UV damage!

This App, developed by dermatologists, provides you with all necessary information and makes recommendations for every place in the world, every day. It considers all the individual factors which are important for your effective and personal sun protection.

Your age, skin type, living conditions and risk levels for the development of UV damage and skin cancer are factors personal to you, so you also need individualized recommendations and measures for planning your personal and effective sun protection.

First you should select your skin type (explanations and a selection guide can be clicked on if required). Then enter your individual and special risk factors, time of day and details of the intensity of UV radiation in your location.

Your individual risk profile will then be identified by means of the four-step UV protection model for standardized light protection consultation, based on up-to-date medical and research standards developed by specialized dermatologists.

This App determines your current location via GPS as well as the daily and local sunburn active radiation (UV Index). The UV Index daily data are taken from TEMIS, provided by the European Space Agency (ESA).

Taking account of your personal risk factors and the current local UV radiation, this App will provide a precise and practical light protection recommendation. All skin protection options, such as sunscreens (sunblock), sunscreen from Appropriate plant-derived drugs for oral use, textile light protection (also through specially certified clothing), and information relating to the level of the sun protection factor, will be considered.

Additionally, supplementary and helpful recommendations for practical dos and don´ts will be provided for your personal UV protection. Children-oriented features are given special attention, as are people with pre-existing skin diseases.

Thanks to this App, people of all ages who possess different and highly personal risk profiles can obtain a dermatological recommendation for sunburn prevention and UV damage at any time and any place in the world - for the sake of your skin!

We hope that you are pleased with this product, however we apologize for being unable to answer questions or solve problems which may arise regarding the weighting function of the App Stores. If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you encounter a problem when using this App, please simply send an email to Sun Check Pro’s English support desk:

Although we are not able to provide medical information or recommendations via e-mail, your question will be forwarded to a member of our dermatological team who will then look at and respond to your question.

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