Love to Read by Pirate Trio

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開発者Next is Great
リリース日2011-12-17 10:24:36
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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"Love to Read has a very easy to use interface that lets children freely choose the word they’d like to spell and learn more about. Inspired by hands-on Montessori educational methods, the letter placement combined with the hint feature is well done and helps children to develop a visual memory of words for reading and spelling."
-- Apps for Homeschooling

"With a very simple but effective approach, Love to Read by Pirate Trio provides those just beginning their reading adventure many opportunities of success. "
-- Applicable2U

"I really recommend it. Let your children win in the starting line!"
-- Best10App

Love to Read by Pirate Trio is an iPhone and iPad app for children who are just starting their adventure with reading, designed to lead them through the steps of getting to know words and understanding how to apply them.
Inspired by Montessori teaching methods, this app allows your child to play with ‘deconstructing’ words by shaking the iPhone or iPad to scatter the letters. The challenge is to then put the letters back into place so that the word is re-constructed again.

While attempting to put the word together, the app teaches its young users how letters sound individually as well as in fixed combinations such as: sh, ch, th, ph, ck, ai, ee, oo. Learning the relationship between each letter and its sound is believed to be an excellent foundation for fluent reading skills.

Once the word is successfully re-constructed, the app demonstrates the meaning and possible use of that word in a sentence, to expand your child’s vocabulary and general knowledge. In addition to the simultaneous reading and displaying of each sentence, the app allows users to hear individual words when they are touched. The Love to Read by Pirate Trio app enhances memory via visual and audio stimulation, which conforms to the Montessori principle that learning is most effective when it takes place through as many senses possible.

Children using this app do not just learn how to read and write the names of many common and useful items, but also learn where these things belong, what they look like, how they may be used in practice and what their most important features are. Love to Read by Pirate Trio is therefore recommended for home schooling.

Pirate Trio takes children's privacy very seriously:
* we do not collect or share any data
* the app doesn't contain any adds
* the app doesn't contain any in-app purchase
* the app doesn't contain any social media buttons nor social media integration
* the app contains external links

We have added Privacy Policy and Parental Gate - we always ask for parental permission before allowing children to link out of the app.
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