Oriental Relaxing Music

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Oriental Relaxing Music

Retain Health first relax the mood, good mood to support the life long. Who often maintain a psychological balance, would have pure and honest internal organs, smooth blood, so you can be healthy and longevity. Mental balance is the cornerstone of health and longevity, for the modern urban people, who have come to have a healthy psychological balance and longevity. "Oriental Relaxing Music" is to have an important psychological balance method. What is "Oriental Relaxing Music"? "Yellow Emperor" considered that is flat calm, optimistic, concentration, self-entertainment state of mind.

Music for people's emotions and behavior have different degrees of impact, the relaxing sounds of music were definitely under the influence of the principles, aims to listen and watch, taste, smell, touch to start five senses, heart cleaning with music sound, with a positive "sound pulse" re-inspired by the body in a negative state or drowsiness state organs. Music magic for the human body in all aspects of the role of science until now is still not completely explained, the appropriate state of the music allows the body from the inside out inadvertently be guided and improved.

This album also has a feature that is not a very long time, basically thirty or forty minutes later, almost in a class of primary school students long time. It is based on the metabolism of the body's physiological cycle of science, just right. If the time delay is very long, not only would not achieve the role of nourishing the heart to relax, but will have a hearing with the patience of the physical and mental fatigue.

Since ancient times, said reading may relax human body. Music can also relax human body, music infiltration, erosion of physical and mental fatigue, receive a beautiful, harmonious sound waves message, feel the music resonate with the body and mind to achieve stress reduction, relaxing effect.

Album List
Season-1: Relax Heart
01. Sophisticated Mood
02. Light of Life
03. Pink clouds
04. Music and dance fragrance
05. Reflected moon in the clear water
06. Warm spring water mapping out the sun

Season-2: Buddhist

01 Wisdom
02 Moon River
03 Heart of Ocean
04 Fantasy
05 Bodhi-Citta
06 Treasure fate
Season-3: Bodhi

01. Precepts
02. Sea of Clouds
03. Cherish the happiness
04. Song of the soul
05. Nectar
06. Wisdom Heart

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