Contrast Acuity test HD - Medical eye Diagnostic chart and test

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iPad 対応。
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★★★ Contrast Acuity test HD - Medical eye Diagnostic chart and test ★★★

Professional medical EYE Diagnostic app with Contrast Acuity test.
This app is for doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals, to use in physical exam or triage, especially if you're on the move.

It uses amazing iPad HD display to provide professional tool and instrument for eye diagnostic at hospitals, schools, universities, at homes, etc.

★★★ WHEN Contrast Acuity test HD USEFUL ★★★

- House visits
- Triaging
- Patients who have memorized the office chart
- Medical education
- Medical catering

Test have description how to use it! You do not need to be specialist to use this app! Its simple and useful for all!

★★★ ABOUT Contrast Acuity TEST ★★★

Contrast-Test is an application destined to the clinical evaluation of the vision of the resistance, being very interesting for, for example, professionals of the visual health, optometrists optician or ophthalmologists.

We will be able to obtain from fast and simple way the Function of Sensitivity to Contrasts (FSC) of the patients, besides to arrange with other options like the possibility of filing the examinations, of modifying the study distance, of printing the results, of generating the curved average automatically to the room of explorations and of calibrating the screen metrically. Contrast-Test is a good option to popularize a test that, due to the elevated price of the standard test, is not made with the frequency that had in the centers of visual sanitary attention.

★★★ Contrast Acuity test HD FEATURES ★★★

- Not entertainment app - professional medical tool!
- HD iPad graphics
- Correct distance instructions for test
- Only useful professional tests
- New FREE updates is upcoming!
- Full iPad and iPad 2 support
- Support for use with iPad VGA adapter with you monitor/TV/projector/etc.

(c) Contrast Acuity test HD - Care about your eyes!

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