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互換性iOS 9.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Navionics Hike & Bike app allows you to record your outdoor activities. View live your tracks and statistics on the map, review results, measure performance, share with friends!

Beginners to experts will love the easy-to-use intuitive interface, designed by Navionics, a leading provider of location based products known throughout the world.

Never lose focus on your activity, with a full display of metrics in an easy-to-read console. Adjust your movement anytime with real-time stats.View your location on the map with either Satellite or Terrain overlay. Once your track is saved, view paths in playback mode with the fun interactive interface. Keep track of your performance over time as you save your trips to compare current to your bests and challenge yourself to improve. Plus, easily share your data with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Navionics Hike & Bike contains all these great features:

• Tracks: recording your tracks is so simple! Tap Start to begin recording important metrics for your trip, like time, speed, distance, vertical and elevation. The fully customizable display gives you the option to choose which stats you prefer to see while moving. The map will reveal your current location and how far you’ve travelled. Keep memories of your journey by snapping photos or recording videos along the way! No data or phone signal needed to record your tracks.
• Statistics: easily sort tracks by date, distance, speed or time, and check statistics. In the Timeline, you’ll find your itinerary breakdown with details on ascending, flat, and descending trails, plus stops. It also displays photos taken while on your way! The Summary page lets you sort tracks by seasons, months, weeks, and days, so you can monitor activities over time. Check any individual track stats against your personal best, and try to beat your records.
• Playback: enjoy the dynamic interactive playback, with optional Satellite or Terrain overlay. Expand the graph to reveal when and where you achieved your maximum speed and elevation.
• Map Options: choose between Satellite or Terrain Overlay
• Photos & Videos: geotagged photos and videos appear on the map and in the Timeline.
• Sharing: email, Tweet or FB your tracks, photos & videos. Your friends can learn about your adventures by viewing the .kmz files you send them!

Learn more at www.navionics.com and join us on Facebook or Twitter.
Don’t forget to check out our Navionics Boating, Ski and Fly Apps!

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

- Get more performance info while hiking and biking! Just press START!
- New Tracks Summary: monitor your activities with a more comprehensive set of data that you can now sort! Go to Menu>Tracks.
- Track Timeline: review your itinerary breakdown and see photos taken while on your way. Then share your best outdoor moments!

- Quickly log in via Facebook. Go to Menu>Me>Log in.
- Personalize your app with your picture and activities. Also, get messages from us about news, tips, updates and more! Go to Menu>Me.
- Bug fixing and optimizations
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