Intro to Classical Guitar by Scott Tennant

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If you’ve ever dreamed of learning to play classical guitar, this is your chance.

Grammy award-winning guitarist, Scott Tennant, will introduce you to the basic techniques of classical guitar and teach you how to play some of the most well-loved pieces in the classical repertoire.

Even if you’ve never played the guitar before, Scott will quickly get you playing simplified versions of classical masterpieces such as Pachelbel’s Canon and Greensleeves. And over the course of the three lessons included in this app, Scott will teach you to play The Estudio by Francisco Tarrega, the Romanza and the beautiful contemporary piece, Snowflight, by Andrew York.

In addition to being a world-renowned performer, Scott is on the faculties of the USC Thornton School of Music and the Pasadena Conservatory of Music and has had many decades of experience teaching classical guitar to every level student from novice to professional.

“Intro to Classical Guitar by Scott Tennant” offers over 110 minutes of lesson time by one of the world’s premier classical guitar teachers for a fraction of what a musician of Scott’s caliber would charge for a private lesson. There are no subscriptions charges or hidden fees. And you can keep and reuse these lessons as long as you want. The app even offers a digital tuner and metronome at no additional charge.


If you’ve ever tried to learn to play the guitar using DVD’s, websites or books, you’re in for an entirely new experience. “Intro to Classical Guitar” uses the same technology as our flagship app, “On the Music Path”, which has garnered rave reviews from users and critics as the most “elegant” and “user-friendly” music instruction app they’ve ever seen:

• All lessons are shot in high-definition video by Academy award-winning cinematographer, Alan Kozlowski

• Close-up shots on the teacher’s hands make sure you don’t miss a thing.

• Tab and notation scrolls automatically, synchronized to the teacher’s playing.

• Tap anywhere in the notation to jump to that exact spot in the lesson.

• Swipe left or right to skip through a lesson’s chapters.

• Set your own in and out points to loop a particular segment.

• You can even slow the video down and practice at your own pace or record yourself and hear how well you’re doing.


The lessons included in “Intro to Classical Guitar By Scott Tennant” are also included in our flagship app, “On the Music Path”, which offers an entire library of master classes by world-renowned musicians, including Jackson Browne, Richard Thompson, Michael Chapdelaine, Eric Johnson, Kenny Sultan and many others.

You can download the “On the Music Path” app and the first few chapters of any lesson for free (including Scott’s lessons for beginning classical guitar).

The present app offers a single, package price for Scott’s introductory lesson series. But if you’d prefer to download a sample of Scott’s lessons first or purchase the lessons individually, just tap on the “Developer Page” link in the top right-corner of the App Store screen and download our “On the Music Path” app instead.

If you have any questions about the content or pricing of this app, please don’t hesitate to ask us:

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