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開発者Jon Lockwood
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Finito3D is a 2D/3D graphics and sketching app. It provides a fast and easy approach to creating exciting, interactive 3D graphics and 2D sketches.

Children typically look at Finito3D as a magic sketch pad, where they can doodle and experiment for hours on end. Adults may actually see it more as a tunnel into a fantastic 3D universe of their own creation. Artistic types of all ages often see it as a fun way to unleash their creativity, inspiring them to create fascinating and beautiful 2D sketches and 3D models.

Simplicity of use makes Finito3D accessible even to very young children, while more advanced features allow for endless experimentation by adults. Bottom line, Finito3D was designed to be entertaining, and particularly appealing to creative people of all ages.

This app supplies you with a wide array of tools designed to help you easily create simple, or even highly detailed 3D models and 2D sketches.

Choose from 32 different geometric shapes and structures to use as building blocks of your own private 3D world. Circles, lines, rectangles, cubes, spheres, pyramids, funnels, triangles, cones, and several other shapes are at your fingertips. Choose from a wide range of colors and shades to illuminate and detail your models.

Interactive motion is a key feature of Finito3D. Instantly jump from the Edit Screen, where you create and design your 3D world, to the Render Screen, where you can rotate, spin, zoom, and pan all your 2D/3D creations. All in real time.

Note: With the email file sharing feature, it's incredibly easy to share your artistic works with others, sending them virtually anywhere in the world, via email.

I'd love to see some of your creations and get your ideas and impressions about Finito3D. Feel free to email them to me. EMAIL:
Thanks for your support!

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