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BackTracker tracks your whereabouts in the background. It can be left active at all times without affecting your battery power noticeably. It uses the cellular and Wi-Fi networks to track your location, depending on what is available. Since it only uses hardware and software mechanisms that are active anyway, it consumes very little extra battery power.

BackTracker can be invaluable for answering some questions, and just fun in other situations. It can be very useful both for work and for pleasure. Keep it running at all times, and keep track of where you have been, and when.

It can be helpful for answering questions like:
- When did I arrive at work last tuesday?
- What day was it that I visited that customer?
- How long was I at that place?
- Where did I find that restaurant?
- What route did I take that day?
etc etc.

Since BackTracker uses coarse methods of location, the location pins may be a bit off from where you actually have been. BackTracker uses Accuracy Circles to show how coarse the locations are - the actual location is normally somewhere within the circle. It also uses a dashed line to show the track that was followed.

If you touch a pin, you will get a popup callout showing the time when the you arrived at that location. Times are displayed in local time, the time the device had when the location was recorded. Locations that were recorded in another time zone than the current are shown with time zone information. The callout also has a sequence number for the pin in the track. If you drag your finger over the pins you can browse the callouts.

You can see that BackTracker (or another program that is using the location mechanisms) is running in the background by the location arrow in the status bar.

A future version may also include the option to export the data for use in other applications, if that is something people want. (If so, previously recorded data, from this version, could be exported too, of course.)

- BackTracker works with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad with 3G.
- BackTracker works with iPhone 3G, but not in the background.
- BackTracker does currently NOT work with iPod touch® or Wi-Fi-only iPad!
With the current version of iOS, 4.3.3, Wi-Fi based low power location tracking does not work. If you use BackTracker on a non-3G device you will not get reliable tracking. We hope we can make BackTracker work on Wi-Fi-only devices in the future

Privacy information:
BackTracker does not send your data anywhere. The data is only available on your device and its' backups. It does not send any other data anywhere either - it does not do any "phoning home" or similar. If you delete the application, you also delete your backtracking data. There only is the "full featured" version, and this is it.

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