Bubble and Pebble Story

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開発者Terakki Vakfı Okulları
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Bubble and Pebble are in the garden and suddenly they hear someone cry. Now, it’s time to help the rainbow get her colors back!
A funny and engaging story with lovely characters for children of all ages!
“Bubble and Pebble” is an interactive, hand drawn animated book. The pictures are drawn and animated by 6 year old children. They have also recorded their voices for the characters of the story.
This digital book is the very first one that has been created by children.

• Story inspired by children
• Hand drawn pictures by children
• Hand drawn animations by children
• Voices dubbed by children
• Read along narration with Bubble and Pebble

• Enhanced for reading on iphone and ipad
• Children can read along with the characters
• Great way to teach kids colors
• Improve listening and reading skills
• Animations make the story fun and engaging

This digital story book was drawn, animated and dubbed by 6 year old kids. Your children will love reading this book and learn with Bubble and Pebble.
Your children can also play Bubble and Pebble games here:

“Bubble and Pebble” digital story has been created by children for other children all over the world. This book has been specifically designed for the iPhone but it is also compatible with iPad by Demet Küyük and Özge Karaoğlu.

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