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開発者Helmut Weingart
リリース日2011-06-24 04:23:13
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互換性iOS 4.2以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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A simple small app to find out who knows best what will happen at women soccer world championship 2011 in Germany.
Even you can play with the results in order to know what can happen in the finals. It is easy and fast to use.

It is an prognoses game.
And even it is a nice match schedule.

Enter the results and prognoses of your friends to findout who is the soccer expert ?

This App is not involved in actual soccer betings. It does not go online. It is not possible to make an actual bet.
Please consider that sport betting is not allowed in many countries.
This is not a betting App, it is just an prognoses game.

You can select between 10 languages.

africaans, english, france, spain, german, italy, portugal, netherlands, sweden, norway.

You can send the prognoses and the evalutaion of the prognoses to the attenders of the prognoses game by email.

You can set prognoses game evalutaion settings for tendence and real result.

You can select evaluation options.

You will love to enter the results:

Swipe from left to right over the flag, in order to add a goal for the team.

Swipe from right to left over the flag, in order to substract a goal for the team.

Touch both flags at the same time to reset a match.
To reset all matches of a view press the "0:0" button on the top of the view.

Managing prognoses and results:

Choose the "More" Menu and select "Prognoses / Results".
Press the "+" Button and enter the name of the attender of the prognoses game and an email adress, then press the save button.
Now you can see the new prognoses selected in the list. Now enter the prognoses for the matches. To send an email with the prognoses of the attender press the "email" button.

Even you can select the real results in this view.
To delete an estimation just swipe from left to right over the cell ot the estimation.
You can change the name and the email adress of every prognoses by choosing the "Edit" menu.

Evaluating prognoses:

You want to konw who is the best expert in the prognoses game.

Choose "Evaluate Evaluation" in the "More" menu and select every prognoses you want to evaluate. Press "Options" button in order to set the prognoses evaluation settings. Now you can press the "Evaluation" button in order to generate an evaluation mail for every attender of the game.
Pay attention: You need two selected prognoses to evaluate successfully.

If you like you can enter just a lot of prognoses from yourself of what can happen in Germany and send it to your friends by email.

We wish you a lot of fun playing around with this app on your Iphone or ipod touch.

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更新日時:2021年6月23日 18時17分




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