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*** One of the best apps in Italian, now in English! ***

A world cities guide with a monthly update, thanks to the website

Discover the world cities with the interactive guide for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Contents are entered by the users. The advantage gained is the information you are looking for comes from a privileged source: who has been, lives or often goes back.

There you have then the most cool places, the more fashion stores, the best restaurants, the most moving monuments, the most interesting museums, the most charming areas and much more.

The applications works in a completely OFFLINE mode, so that if you are in New York, Paris, Cape Town, Sydney, etc. you won’t have to spend any money for the connection.

Once entered in the point of interest you can read the review and the comments, just phone, send an email, connect to the website or calculate the itinerary according to your location.

Each city is shown with wonderful ad hoc created posters.

You can also save your favourite points of interest in the proper section so as to always have the details of your experiences close at hand!

You can add new places and comment new and old places too.

The present available cities are the following:

Alassio, Alghero, Amsterdam, Athens, Atlantic City, Bali, Bangkok, Barcelona, Bari, Basel, Beijing, Berlin, Bologna, Boston, Brussels, Buffalo, Cairo, Cape Town, Capri, Caracas, Casablanca, Chicago, Copenhagen, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Courmayeur, Dublin, Ferrara, Florence, Formentera, Genoa, Hong Kong, Lanzarote, Las Vegas, Lecce, Les 2 Alpes, London, Los Angeles, Lausanne, M. di Campiglio, Madrid, Malaga, Melbourne, Miami, Milan, Montpellier, Naples, New York, Nice, Oslo, Padua, Palermo, Panarea, Paris, Perugia, Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Portofino S.M.L., Rome, Saint Tropez, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Teresa, Santiago, Santo Domingo, Siena, Sydney, Tenerife, Tokyo, Toledo, Turin, Toronto, Trieste, Valencia, Varese, Venice, Vicenza, Wellington

Every month hundreds of new points of interest, new cities and a continuous improvement to facilitate your trip into the discovery of new cultures.

SaintClub, let’s share the world cities!

Travel Revolution

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