Orion StarSeek 3 Pro

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開発者Orion Telescopes and Binoculars
リリース日2011-06-21 08:57:18
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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From premier telescope maker Orion Telescopes & Binoculars comes a fun, powerful, and content-rich astronomy app for stargazers from beginner to advanced. With Orion StarSeek 3 Pro anyone can easily find, identify, and learn about stars, planets, constellations, galaxies, and nebulas in the night sky from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad!

What’s more, StarSeek 3 Pro enables control of most computerized “GoTo” telescopes from your Apple device with the optional wireless Orion StarSeek Wi-Fi module or StarSeek Telescope Control Cable.

NOTE: Orion is the exclusive licensee for distribution of the Southern Stars SkySafari apps, sold by Orion under the name StarSeek.

With an iPhone 5, 4, 3GS, iPad (any), or 5th or 4th-gen iPod Touch, just hold it up to any portion of the sky and StarSeek automatically displays a matching star map that moves as you move your iDevice! Identify stars and planets by holding your phone next to them. Pinpoint any object in the sky by simply following the guiding arrow!

StarSeek 3 Pro contains a database of 2.5 million stars down to 12th magnitude; 31,000 deep-sky objects including the entire NGC, IC, Messier, and Caldwell catalogs; 700 solar system objects (8 planets, 22 moons, 110 satellites, 298 comets, and 327 asteroids); plus hundreds of scalable astrophotos embedded in the star map.

StarSeek 3 Pro also includes SkyWeek from Sky & Telescope magazine. SkyWeek is a week-at-a-glance summary of sky events featuring interactive sky charts.

With StarSeek you can see a detailed, colorful map of the night sky from any location on Earth up to 100 years in the past or future. Double tap on any celestial object to pull up intriguing information about it. Animate the night sky by compressing up to years of time into seconds! Optional, red “night vision” mode helps preserve your eyes’ dark adaptation.

StarSeek 3’s gorgeous, streamlined user interface and seemingly infinite content takes exploring the night sky to an exciting new dimension! Download it today!

NOTE: StarSeek 3 Pro requires iOS 4 or later on your Apple device.

WHAT’S NEW in StarSeek 3 Pro:

1) Ooh! Spectacular new horizon panoramas, improved Sun glow, horizon glow, and sunset effects.
2) Scrolling toolbar - swipe it to access new Compass, Gyro, and Night Vision buttons.
3) Artistic illustrations of all 88 constellations, which fade in and out of view as you pan.
4) Animated panning to selected objects.
5) Support for the gyroscope built into the iPhone 4, 4th-gen iPod Touch, and iPad 2 for smoother tracking motion.
6) SkyWeek from Sky & Telescope magazine!
7) "Tonight's Best" list of objects, customized for your location, date, and time.
8) Comets are now rendered more realistically, with tails.
9) Orbits of the planets and their moons illustrate their paths through space.
10) Brighter constellation labels are brighter. Adjustable deep-sky object label intensity.
11) A "local Align" (sync) function for Orion, Celestron, and SkyWatcher telescopes.
12) For computerized "push-to" telescopes, StarSeek now does a 2-star alignment, eliminating the need to level the telescope mount base.
13) A confirmation alert when aligning your telescope on a target object - prevents accidentally aligning on the wrong object.

1. Added 3D models of Cassini and Voyager spacecraft, the International Space Station, and Hubble Space Telescope (Pro/Max only)
2. Fixed new bug where the Sunset, Sunrise, Moonset, etc. buttons in the Time & Date setting didn't work on iPad.
3. Fixed crash that could happen when doing a two finger tap in the Object Info screen.
4. Fixed reversal of the Date/Time label and its value in the Observation Edit screen.
5. Added ability to save telescope communication log files for debugging problems. Telescope communication log files are saved on your iPhone or iPad, and you can transfer them to your computer using iTunes file sharing.
6. Improved performance when drawing many faint solar system objects. Default solar system magnitude limit is now 20, as opposed to unlimited; settings files now restore unlimited (infinite) magnitudes correctly.
7. Now displays orbit epoch for satellites and solar system objects in Object Info. Conjunction, opposition, eclipse dates in Object Info now show the first such event taking place any time in the next 2 years, and the math runs much faster now.
8. Added support for telescope axis encoders on SiTech controllers in Push-To mode.
9. Implemented fix for alignment problems with encoder systems on clock-driven equatorial mounts.
10. Fixed problems drawing orbits with eccentricity very close to (but not exactly) 1, like that of comet PANSTARRS.
11. Super-hi-res Earth/Moon/Mars maps now appear when panning or zooming is finished; no more jerky performance while panning/zooming in progress.
12. Asteroid and comet positions are now precisely computed with gravitational perturbations of the major planets taken into account. Simulate near-Earth asteroid flybys like that of 2012 DA14 with NASA-like precision!
13. Object Info for satellites now shows satellite latitude, longitude, altitude, and velocity.
14. Includes default solar system database with asteroid and comet data current as of mid-January, 2013.
15. Fixed failure to import data from asteroids and comets that are not already in the default solar system object database.
16. We now display the last time the Orbit Data was updated, under the "Update Minor Body Orbit Data" button.
17. Fixed problem where a newly created observing list's name wasn't editable until you had put an object in the list.
18. Added ability to highlight object in an object list or observing list. When turned on, the sky chart draws circles around all objects in a list, and displays an icon that lets you quickly return to that list.
19. Reorganized the Solar System settings to include a new Orbit & Path display. You can now show a single planet's orbit or path. "Update Minor Body Data" button removed, since orbits are now updated automatically every week!
20. Tapping Orbit button returns you to default distance from the object you're orbiting if you're already in orbit around it (instead of just doing nothing.)
21. Added Jupiter's Moon events and Red Spot transits to Object Info for Jupiter. Fixed bug displaying erroneously-cached solar system object info.
22. Implemented Recal command (:CMR#) instead of Sync (:CM#) for AstroPhysics GTO mounts. Added Orion StarSeeker telescope type.
23. New maps of Mercury, a few of Saturn's moons, and asteroid Vesta. Renders solar system bodies without surface textures using "Default.jpg" surface texture.
24. Preserves asteroid and comet diameters from default solar system data file when updating with new data from Minor Planet Center.
25. Asteroid, comet, and satellite orbits are updated automatically every week. You can still update them manually from Settings -> Solar System -> Update Minor Body Orbit Data button.
26. Other assorted bug and database fixes
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