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Multiplication tables are a fundamental building block of math. The basic multiplication table starts at 1 x 1 and proceeds to 12 x 12. The best way to give children the confidence they need in math is to make sure they understand the basics of multiplication.
Children nowadays no longer memorize their multiplication tables. With the extensive school curriculum, teachers cannot afford to take the time to ensure that students learn these basic facts. Parents play a critical role in the supporting their children in learning the basics at home. It is important for every child to learn the multiplication table, to prepare them for learning division and fractions.

Math Tables Karaoke is also meant to brush up the tables for adults. When you eat out at a restaurant or measuring the area of a room, you unwittingly use multiplication tables.

Now here’s MATH TABLES KARAOKE, a Fun way to learn & memorize the Multiplication Tables.
Math Tables Karaoke is an educational application that transforms learning the multiplication table into a fun & interactive game. Math Tables Karaoke aids in early learning for early grade schoolers, and older kids. Math Tables Karaoke uses three different methods to teach multiplication table factors from 1-10, and takes full advantage of the smart device's ability to record and play back sound.
Math Tables Karaoke features include:
• Fun and interactive
• Simple controls
• Clear audio
• Three “Modes”, Learn, Quiz and Karaoke
• Learn mode, to see and hear the multiplication tables
• Karaoke mode, to recite , record and play back math tables
• Quiz mode with various levels to test your knowledge

With 3 different "Modes" of learning, students are able to see and hear math tables, recite, record and play back what they have learned, and reinforce the knowledge with a short quiz. This 3 tiered approach to learning has proven effective for early education.
1.Learn mode:
• The multiplication table from 1-10 are displayed one line at a time
• Clear audio voice recites the tables.
• The user is free to read along; or even recite the equations right along.
• Students can replay the table as many times as they need, to build the confidence.

2.Karaoke mode:
• It allows the student to reinforce what they've just learned by reciting, recording and playing back the same multiplication tables from Learn mode.

Above step is an essential one, because studies have shown that when people state things out loud, they're far more likely to remember them when it's time for the information to be recalled.

3.Quiz mode:
• This mode contains three levels in it "Beginners", "Intermediate" and "Expert".
• The rate of difficulty of questions depends upon the level selected.
• This is a timed, multiple choice quiz that helps the user to see what they've learned.
• At the end of the quiz, the user is taken to the scoreboard where they can see their score.

The Karaoke and Quiz modes set Math Tables Karaoke apart from other multiplication learning aids, as this is currently the only one to offer both record/playback and touch features. To learn more about this and other interactive apps from REGA Interactive, feel free to visit our website.

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