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With RETRO interior design, you can create a space that brings back the days of the '57 Chevy, soda fountains and poodle skirts or the peace and love of the 1960s. You can create a great RETRO LOOK by using a mix of authentic vintage items and modern pieces. You can add RETRO ACCENTS to a contemporary home or go all the way, creating an authentic mid-century modern space. The design and decor of the Atomic Age of the 1950s is surprisingly well-suited to modern technology and living.



-- Use one app on iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad 2!
-- Save the images you liked in FAVORITES or E-MAIL them to your friends.
-- Swipe left or right to slide to next/previous pic.
-- Zoom, pinch, slide show, save, wallpaper!
-- Always new content will come in regular updates!
-- 100% Ad Free.


We provide ideas & inspiration for making your dream home.

Good luck!
Your DolinaDelMarTeam.

NOTE: The application requires internet connection (wi-fi or cellular) to check&load images each time it runs.
Please configure your mail account on the device before sending email from within the application!

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