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開発者Jian Yuan Century
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This is a formative education software truly designed for babies of 1-2 years. In this game, babies can click items on the pictures, and then get to know them quickly from their sounds and words. Babies can also listen to all kinds of questions and look for answers from the pictures. All of these can be designed freely by babies’ parents. This is the coolest family fun, the most fantastic picture stories and the most practical encyclopedia of early education. You can design for babies by yourselves, and all is quite easy.
Photo album is the most common and best loved “book” for babies. Get the photo album ready, let babies look at themselves and their family on the pictures, and then tell some memorable experience to them. This is the very first way for babies to understand the world, and curious children will be very much interested and never feel tired. Parents telling stories from pictures is the most common and easiest family fun. Babies of 1-2 years are developing their thinking, memorizing, observing speaking and cognizing abilities quickly. Parents should help them grow up healthy and strong rapidly with the right educational method. Babies are born to be playful, and their abilities are well developed in games. Therefore, edutainment is the only right way for both babies and their parents. It takes parents 10 minutes to play games with babies and make sure they will grow healthy emotionally and physically. Happy games can make babies active and open, promote emotional exchanges between children and parents, and guarantee a cheerful and harmonious family atmosphere.
Children can browse these pictures easily with the iOS devices, and experience many interesting interactive activities. What’s more, such activities are quite easy. So experience your effortful designing together with babies and offer them happy play and easy learning.
Game designing:
1.Hotspot designing: Hotspots can be set up for every picture. First add pictures from the photo album to the game. Then circle a hotspot and key in words and record sounds for it.
2.Question designing: Questions can be set up for every picture. First select a picture, add questions and record sounds, then choose the corresponding hotspots.
How to play:
3.Cognitive mode: Parents select a preset picture for babies, and then switch to cognitive mode. Babies can click any pattern in the picture. If the hotspot is touched, it will show the words and play the sounds.
4.Question mode: Parents select a preset picture for babies, then switch to question mode. Babies can search for answers according to the questions.
5.Picture story recording: In the cognitive mode, parents can tell picture stories, record them and play them to babies. Babies can also try to describe the pictures and save these valuable memories in the game.

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