Precise Eraser With Alpha

価格 200円
リリース日2011-06-25 16:00:00
評価 評価が取得できませんでした。
互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
  • 2021-06-20 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
At last an innovative iPad eraser app, which actually works!
Edit and save your photo as an image with transparency to your photo album.

Precise Eraser With Alpha!

Precise Eraser With Alpha allows you to erase any unwanted elements from your freely chosen and imported image in a secure and precise way.

Precise Eraser with Alpha allows you to save your changed image directly in your iPads photo album as a PNG image preserving the generated transparency allowing you to use the image with transparency in other creative apps with support of PNG import or send it wirelessly or by email and use it in multiple ways on your PC or Mac.

In Precise Eraser with Alpha you can:

• import any photo from your photo album
• re-size, crop, zoom, rotate, flip the imported photo
• erase precisely with a size adjustable eraser
• blur in six different patterns
• save your photo as a PNG image with transparency to your photo album

Imagine the possibilities:
Now you can release your own unique creativity and import your own freely chosen photos from whatever area of your interests in Precise Eraser With Alpha and rip it from unwanted backgrounds or other unwanted elements.

Then you can use the changed image in a creative way in other relevant creative apps on your iPad, on your PC or Mac.

Also import your own drawings or paintings from your photo album into Precise Eraser With Alpha and choose elements from it, rip it from irrelevant elements and save them as PNG images with Alpha.

After that, you are free to import and combine several PNG images made from the Precise Eraser With Alpha app in other creative apps of your own choice in a personal creative way, provide the PNG image with a new image as background, draw on top of it, or whatever pleases you.

Please note, that we also offer you a perfect companion to Precise Eraser: "iAnimate Collage". In this app, you can import your images without alpha, animate them and export your finished movies to your photo album for further distribution on the internet.

If you enjoy utilizing this innovative eraser app, please tell a friend. If you have any question or suggestions in relation to the app, feel free to contact us directly through email.

Thanks for all your feedback!
We are currently making an update that contains many of your requests.

  • 現在ランキング圏外です。
更新日時:2021年6月20日 07時04分




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