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iPad 対応。
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Astronaut has been iPad App of the Week in 15 countries.

Note: The magazine content is all in English language.

"Intriguing editorials and clever interactivity lend the first issue—released last month—a comfortable feel which, nicely complimented by strong imagery and enthralling mini-documentaries, which tell tales of amazing journeys, great missions and epic adventures." Josh Rubin, Coolhunting

"Interactive Indie Magazine Astronaut Touches Down Onto iPad" J.R. Bookwalter, MacLife

"Astronaut blurs the line between magazine, website and television programme… and does so with great success. We're impressed." Steven Gregor, Gym Class Magazine

Astronaut offers a place for independent filmmakers to present their documentaries and other projects that were achieved in their spare time often with minimal technical support or outside help. Up and coming music acts and photographers are profiled, artists and fashion designers are shown in their studios and people who are creating new disciplines are introduced.

The user has a front row seat for all of this and gets to know these protagonists on an almost personal level. In clearly structured articles and videos, the magazine also presents personalities who ambitiously forge ahead on new paths. These personalities are sometimes in front of the camera, sometimes behind it, and occasionally on either side of it. The use of film gives the viewer a deeper level of insight. Astronaut lives from amazing stories about people who break rules and create new realms far removed from the commercial world. Astronaut is a platform for individualists, for the courageous, for the unflinching and for daydreamers.

Astronaut is a magazine developed by a bunch of friends for the iPad. The magazine-app, featuring 90 minutes of video content, includes reports, interviews, documentaries and music videos. For fans of the traditional print format, Astronaut is presented in a classic editorial design with expressive photography and clear typography which can be expanded on several interactive levels on the iPad. Users will find text to read, photos to admire and arrange, and videos to watch. There are also some photo series that are not obvious at first glance and astute users are rewarded with pleasant little surprises upon their discovery.

Prepare for ignition. Prepare to be launched into an orbit far from any you have known before. Houston, we have an app!

Issue # 1 highlights:

Award-winning filmmaker Jason Wingrove introduces his upcoming documentary Sea Pools. Duration: 4:02

Tribeca Film Festival Winner Alma Har'el talks about her film Bombay Beach. Duration: 5:30

Filmmaker Mathias von Gostomski accompanied the photographer Alexander Schneider for one year to create an epic portrait. Duration: 22:14

Erased Tapes Records provided some helpful support with their music releases. Duration: 3:30

The gang from Sleepless in Reykjavic followed and filmed Ólafur Arnalds on his tour of England. Duration: 24:28

Herr Müller, one of Berlin's finest illustrators, shows some of his Tapeworks.

Adam Atomic Talks Canabalt. A short film introducing IndieGame: The Movie. Duration: 4:07

As the video content is about 90 minutes (the average length of a feature film), the download may take a while depending on your internet connection.

Check out to watch trailers.
Feel free to e-mail us with any feedback, suggestions or problems at!

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